How many advantages of solar energy are there?

Only source of Solar energy is sun. It’s both light and heat. It’s possible to see that lots of ancient tribes to countries in the history used the solar energy. Today there are various solar energy technologies like solar heating, solar architecture, solar thermal electricity and solar photovoltaics. According to scientists, solar energy is a big chance to solve most of world’s problems counting from population, pollution and global warming. Today there are two different kind of solar energy in the world categorizing by capturing ways. They are passive solar and active solar. It’s possible to see solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels which are using for active solar techniques. Also there are passive techniques like orienting the building through the solar way, using materials easy to convert solar energy to daily usage. How many advantages of solar energy are there?

People believe that solar energy is only possible in the sunny days. But sun’s light never goes out of world even in the night. So it’s possible to collect solar energy in the winter, rainy and snowy days. Beside this, in snowy days solar energy is higher than most of sunny days. This is making the solar energy an inexhaustible one. Especially if you want to use solar energy for heating the water in the home or opening some lights in the house, it’s enough even in the most cloudy days.

Common prejudice about solar energy is that it’s very expensive to buy solar panels so using city electricity is cheaper. Solar panels or photovoltaic ones were very expensive in 80s. But today technology over solar panels are evolving so quick that prices are really down. In 80s, it was 60 years that a solar energy panel pay back its price but today number is 10-15 years.
One of the most important advantages of solar energy is that it’s non-polluting. In houses, fuels like petroleum or coil is common but they are polluting the world every day. It’s vital if you want to leave a good and habitable world to your children.

People believe that producing electricity from solar energy is not possible or not enough. It’s true that in 80s, produced energy from solar panels were very low. But today new technological solar panels are producing more electricity and it’s possible to use this energy more accurate than ever. It’s still not possible to run a computer, TV and refrigerator in the same time but it’s possible to use it for lighting or small kitchen tools.

It’s true that life is short and plans and interval for using solar panels are very long. But today, solar panels are very strong and effective so it’s possible to use then for over a hundred years with some little repair. It’s a good heritage to leave your children and grandson. It’s not a secret that technology is developing so quick that when more effective usage of solar energy is possible, it will be so expensive that your children will thank to you.
Also it’s possible to use solar energy in the gardens. According to researches, plants that are grown by using solar energy are mellowing faster than others. Also in the world that everyone is calling for more organic fruits and vegetables, it’s the perfect way to earn more.
If you want to use solar energy in more particular ways, it’s possible to find some solar energy tools for water disinfection by solar energy, little vehicles using solar energy to go and more. Also there are lots of tools that are concentrating solar energy to solar panels for more effective usage.

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