How many fish types are there in the world?

In the whole world there are people, animals and plans and it can be easily said that there is a perfect balance between these animate things. People are the most important animate thing in the world and after the people we can count the animals that are very important in our world. People are using animals from the beginnings of the earth and they still are using the animals by eating their meat or by drinking their milks and in the fields of medicine, industry and lots of other fields animals are helping people too much extend. 



On this point when we look at the animals in the whole world there are lots of animals but today we are going to make a short analysis about the fishes in the world. Not only in the balance of the earth but also for the people fishes are very important. In the seas they are setting the balance and as we said before people are using the fishes in lots of different fields. It can be said that firstly people are using the fishes as a food. By using the fishes people are producing lots of different sea food and they are not only consuming it but on the other hand they are making trade of the fishes. The nutrition values of the fishes are very high and because of this fact it is preferred lots of the people around the whole world and the doctors are always suggesting people to consume food in their lives in order to be more healthy.



Especially in the children on the development of the brain the fish are very important, there are lots of different vitamins in the fishes and these vitamins are helping to the development of the brain and the nerve system in the body. Almost all of the types of the fishes are beneficial to the people and they can be eat but on the other hand there are some types of the fishes that are poisonous for the people and for the other animals, because of this fact people have to be careful when they are consuming the fishes and if they don’t know about the fishes that they are eating they should not to eat them because it can be harmful to the body of the people. When we look at the whole oceans and the lakes in the whole world we can see that there are lots of different types of the fishes and in accordance with the researches that are done recently we can see that in the whole world today there are approximately 25,001 different types of fishes. As we said before in almost all of the fields of the food industry people are using them and most probably like in the past, in the future the consuming of the fishes will be increased because of the oceans and our earth, we should thanks to our earth to give us such a beautiful food.


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