How Many Goals Zidane Scored in His Football Career?

The football is one of the most popular sport in people’s lives and all around the whole world there are millions of people who are not only watching the football matches on the other hand there are lots of people who are playing the football not only as professionally but also on the other hand they are playing it in an amatory way.


Because of the high popularity of the sport all around the whole world and again because of the popularity of the football players the people who are young are inclined to playing the football and in different fields they are trying to develop themselves. When we look at the history of the football all around the whole world, we can see there are lots of different popular football players that affect the whole too much extend. On this point we can say that Zidane is one of the most important and correspondingly he is one of the most popular football player in the history of the football in the world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the life of the Zidane.


The Life and Football Career of Zidane


Zinedine Zidane is a popular football player who is from France but it is known that he is originally from the Algeria. He has lots of successes in his career and the people are accepting him one of the best football players in the world history. He is born in the city of Marcella in the year of 1972. It is said that Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho who is from Brazil and Maradona and Pele again they are from Brazil, they all affected the history of the football in too much extend and it can be easily said that these football players will not be forgotten because of the successes of them in their careers. In the career of hi, Zinedine Zidane has 126 goals and it can be said that easily it is one of the best records in the football history of the world.


Zinedine Zidane


1989–1992      Cannes – Appearances 61 Goals 6

1992–1996      Bordeaux – Appearances 139 Goals 28

1996–2001      Juventus – Appearances 151 Goals 24

2001–2006      Real Madrid – Appearances 155 Goals 37

Total – Appearances 506 Goals 95


National team


1988–1989 France U17 – Appearances 4 Goals 1

1989–1990 France U18 – Appearances 6 Goals 0

1990–1994      France U21 – Appearances 20 Goals 3

1994–2006      France – Appearances 108  Goals 31


Appearances – 614

Goals – 126


On this point we can see the successes of the Zidane. When he is playing football he wins lots of the cups that are not only national and on the other hand international. On his last football match on his career he heads butt to the Matterazi who is from Italy and he is booked as red card and it is the last match and the end of his career.





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