How many Mass Effect games are there?

Mass Effect series is one of the most popular game series in last decade. Game’s category is mainly third-person shooter. Story is Sci-Fi and play type is action role-playing. BioWare released Mass Effect series for Windows and Xbox 360 and after first game’s success, second and other games are released also for PS3. Also last game of Mass Effect is released for Wii U. Mass Effect gained critical and commercial success with its all games. Mass Effect also added some new features to genre with mini games like romancing, drinking something or dancing. How many Mass Effect games are there?

There are 3 games of Mass Effect series. First game Mass Effect is released in 2007. It’s created for Xbox 360 and then converted also to Windows. It’s mainly about Commander Shepard. Game is praised by its atmosphere, character settings, planets, races and themes. Game is released standard and limited editions. Limited edition was including Galactic Codex: Essentials book, art book and bonus DVD. Also BioWare released two DLC as “Bring Down the Sky” and “Pinnacle Station.” Xbox 360 edition of game took high reviews like 9.75 but Windows version couldn’t do same. Game is banned in some countries because of sexual content.
Mass Effect 2 is released in 2010. It’s released for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It’s also released for PlayStation 3 after game’s success. Main topic of game is again Commander Shepard and his adventures. Game again gained commercial and critic success but lost some fans because of changed gameplay style. BioWare simplified gameplay and and added some new features like regenerable health and limited ammunition. Game sold 2 million units in its first week. Especially Xbox version gained high points like 95.66%. Gamers praised new interactive storytelling and character development. Game released lots of downloadable contents. GameCritics criticized simplified gameplay because of low tension in game.

Mass Effect 3 is the latest sequel of game and it’s released in 2010. Story is again about Commander Shepard and his adventures. Game is firstly released for Xbox 360 and then Windows and PS3 releases are shipped. Also a Wii U edition is announced. It will be a launch game for Wii U. BioWare again changed various things in game. Main change is in the combat system. Also it’s possible to see some developments in cover system. Producer announced artificial intelligence but gamers didn’t see any noticeable changes. Multiplayer co-op of game is developed for 4 players. According to BioWare, Mass Effect fans requests effected the changes in new game. Game gained critical and commercial success. It was the first time all editions of game took over 9 from 10 but also fans criticized game for poor finishing. Also final boss battle was not hard as fans waiting for. Game sold 1.5 million copies.
Mass Effect series created controversial situations with its same sex relationship gameplay, different characters, cultural references and leaked versions. Especially last game’s private beta was put to Xbox Live then BioWare announced that it’s a human error. Fans found rough notes about story and made fan videos about this info. BioWare co-founders than accepted that fan videos made from rough notes are used to tweak the story.

Game also released spin-offs. Some of them are Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Mass Effect: Datapad .Datapad is a free app for IOS users and it allows players to see Mass Effect 3’s galaxy map and take messages of characters. It’s also including detailed info about game. EA announced that a movie adaptation of Mass Effect trilogy is on the way.

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