How many countries are there “British bulldogs” game is playing?

“British bulldogs” or “British Bulldog” is a game mostly playing by children. It’s firstly became famous in England then spread to other commonwealth countries like Canada and New Zealand. Today, “British Bulldogs” game is using in sports practices mostly. Especially football and basketball coaches are using it. How many countries are there “British bulldogs” game is playing?

British Bulldogs game is playing a big area. There’s no rule for the size of playground on British Bulldogs but size must be enough for movement and maneuvers.

Game is starting by choosing two players and they are called “bulldogs”. Bulldogs wait in a vertical line of field. Players aim is running to end of the field without catching to bulldogs. When a player caught to bulldogs, he became a bulldog and catcher becomes runner.

There are some main rules of game. Main rule is group’s main place as called “Homes”. It’s like Rugby’s touchdown areas and marking these areas gently is important.

Each game has rounds and mostly 10 rounds are enough for game. There are also not “Runner” players in game trying to deceive bulldogs to catch the right runner. Winner is the most runner caught bulldog.

Game prohibited in lots of schools because of violence. Grazes and cuts are very possible in game. But then schools accepted game because of child obesity raised. Now there are four countries accepted the game legally as a child game as United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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