How many ways of Infertility treatment are there?

Infertility is mainly a problem which occurs when a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. It’s possible to see various causes of infertility today. It’s possible to treat infertility in some cases but it’s a hard and detailed way. Today there are lots of early fertility awareness campaigns. Also meaning of infertility changes so some health organizations like WHO made some definitions about infertility. According to WHO if a couple makes regular sexual intercourse but there’s no pregnancy, it may be called as infertility. Today there are treatment ways of infertility. How many ways of Infertility treatment are there?

Fertility drugs are most common way of treatment and they work on influencing ovulation. These drugs mostly use for women and main effect is triggering ovulation. It’s also possible to see their usage on men but it’s very rare. Clomid is the most popular drug using for infertility problems. Clomid is popular because its side effect problems like multiple pregnancies are lesser than gonadotropins. Femera, Follistim and Gonal-F are also very popular. Main danger of fertility drugs is multiple pregnancy. Also a syndrome called as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is possible with drugs and its mainly occurs with fluid production more than standard in woman.
Surgical infertility treatment is also a popular way of infertility treatment. Researches showed that various infertility patient’s problems are causing by fallopian tubes. Also abdomen or pelvis lining can be problematic. Latest method to diagnose problem is HSG test. Test detects blockage of tubes or lining faults. These problems may be treated with laparoscopic surgery. But it’s not possible to treat all patients with laparoscopic surgery so doctors mostly offer IVF method for them.

Artificial insemination is mainly an insertion method that specialist inserts washed sperm directly to uterus. Doctors mostly offer this method if there’s man infertility. If problem is classified as unexplained infertility or cervical mucus of woman is problematic, doctor may offer donor sperm usage.
Assisted reproductive technologies for infertility treatment are using for a short period but it gained high popularity. It’s mainly handling an egg and a sperm. IVF is the most popular method for this technique. In IVF method, process starts with using drugs. After ovaries are triggered and produced eggs, these eggs are taken from ovaries and they combine with sperms in a special nutrient filled space. After fertilization, doctor places embryos to uterus. Today success rate of IVF under 35 years old women are %41 but there are lots of factors avoid the process.

Most important to thing on treatment is patience. Impatience and stress are the biggest problem on infertility problems and failures on treatment. Also patients must be aware of high cost of some treatment methods. Especially methods like IVF are very expensive so being patient in treatments like medicines is very important.
Also early diagnose is very important for infertility treatment. Body can give some hints about it. Frequently or chronic irregular cycles may be a sign of ovulation problems. Also longer and shorter cycles like 20 days or 40 day may be used as sign.
Also extreme bleeding may be a sign of infertility problem. Bleeding on 3-7 days is normal for all women but if it’s over 10 days, it’s the time to see a doctor.
For women over 35, health organizations accept infertility indicator as 6 months regular sex without any pregnancy sings. Chance of being pregnant after 35 can be rated by doctors.
Men can also be infertile. Low sperm counts and problems on sperm mobility may be the reason of infertility.

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