How many common tooth brushing mistakes are there?

Tooth brushing is very important for mouth health, teeth health and total health. Common idea about tooth brush number in a day was 2 in 1930s and it was 3 in 1980s. Today most of the dentists agree that two times tooth brushing in a day is enough and healthy. Only tooth brushing regularly is not enough for keeping the mouth and tooth healthy because there are various tools and pastes to choose. According to researches, hundred thousands of people complain about teeth problems even they brush two times regularly every day. How many common tooth brushing mistakes are there?

Most common mistake people make in tooth brushing topic is choosing the wrong brush. There are some titles that a user must be careful while choosing the right toothbrush. First of all, its handle must be comfortable. It means more tooth brushing and more move in the mouth with toothbrush. Also many dentists propose manual toothbrushes against new electric ones. First of all, manual toothbrushes created with new technology are more ability to brush all tooth than standard shaped electric ones.

Also choosing the toothbrush with suitable “bristles” is very important. Many people believe that is bristles are stiff, it means brush can clear more dirty areas but it’s not true. Each people have her unique mouth and palate type and they can easily harm their mouth with wrong bristles. Many health organizations offer soft-bristled brush for standard mouth type. Organizations are also not offering new fashion “natural” bristles which are made from boar bristle or animal hair. Bristles must be enough sturdy for plaque removal but they must not be hard to harm palate.
There’s confusion in the daily brushing times. In 2000s, dentists agreed that brushing the tooth “at least” for two times is good but it must be three for best results. Many people misunderstood it and now people believe 2 times per day is enough. Brushing for one time is not enough for keeping the mouth and tooth clean. Also brushing more than 3 times is dangerous. Also tooth brushing must be made regularly because when the period is too long between brushings, it will cause to build up plaque.
Also brushing time is a confusing topic. People mostly brush for 30 seconds but it must be at least 2 minutes. There are some new electric brushes alarming after 2 minutes of brushing. Also timing habit is very important for children.
Other common mistake on tooth brushing is only applying brush into easy to reach areas. According to dentists, the plaque area not seen is more dangerous than the area people see. Back tooth are sensitive to plaque and they can be problematic easily. Also many people are skipping inner surface of the lower front teeth.
Toothbrush cleaning is also an important part of healthy tooth brushing. According to surveys, only a little part of tooth brushers are cleaning their tool correctly. Dirty toothbrush means putting old bacteria taken from mouth to same place back. Rinsing the toothbrush is enough to remove bacteria from it.
After cleaned the toothbrush, it must be kept for drying. Because moist toothbrush is the perfect place for cultivate the bacteria. Shaking out the toothbrush is a good way of drying the toothbrush and removing the danger of bacteria cultivating.
Also toothbrush must be changed in periods. According to dentists, this interval is 3 months for regular brushers. If toothbrusher is skipping day, she can change it at least each 4 months. When bristles lost normal flexibility it means the time for changing toothbrush is now.
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