How Many People Are There On America Continent?

How Many People Are There On America Continent?


America continent is one of the weirdest continents in the world. There are few countries which some of them are one of the wealthiest countries in the world while some of them are the poorest. In this article, we are going to talk about the population of America continents. But before we provide you the exact information let us provide you some detailed and interesting information. The continent is something like an adventure itself. North America is the world’s largest third continent and they are known as plentiful soil. Many different vegetables and fruit are spread to world from this continent.


Since it takes a great space, it is possible to find many different climates. Greenland is also one part of the continent. These lands are very rich in terms of the natural sources. Some of the most common sources include iron and silver. The continent is also rich in terms of the dinosaur fossils and the amount of the fossils in these lands are much more than the other continents. According to the studies conducted by scientists, the life in these lands began thousands of years ago. The first European settlement to Greenland was carried out by Vikings. It is known that Vikings established the Red Eric settlement area in 986.


Canada has the lowest population density in the continent and they are one of the richest countries in the world. The main sources of this richness are forests and mines. In case you will visit Canada one day, one of the areas that you need to visit is Niagara Waterfall. This waterfall was once the popular honeymoon destination in North America. Churchill located in the Hudson Gulf known as the capital city of polar bears in the world. The area is visited by thousands of polar bears every year. Those polar bears who wait for the water to freeze can easily walk on the ice.


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and its meaning is trading in their local language. The city received its name from an American tribe. Although those people from Ottawa used to be known as good and popular traders. Moreover, the Laurier Chateau in Ottawa has the typical European architecture. The building dates back to 1800s. It is a magnificent chateau built by French people. French citizens began to migrate Canada after the 1800s and this building reflects the architecture of France.


Spain is the first country to colonize the America continent. Even they began colonization on the current lands of the US. Now let’s talk about the answer to our main question. These lands receive many visitors and immigrant in a year and it is not possible to track the exact numbers of the people living on the continent. However, the approximate number of the people living in the America continent is about 1 billion people. Only the United States make up 30 percent of the population. These were all information that we have wanted to share in our article, we hope they will be beneficial for you, have a nice day.

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