How many championships do the Washington Wizards win in NBA?

Washington Wizards is the team of Washington, D.C. Their name was Washington Bullets before 1995. Then owner Abe Pollin changed team’s name to Washington Wizards because of bullet word’s bad influences over the society. They are playing their games on Verizon Center. How many championships do the Washington Wizards win in NBA?

Washington Wizards’ last seasons are a real misery. They are not winning 4 matches successive for last 4 years. But Washington Wizard was a successful and strong team in 1960s.

Washington Bullets won their only one NBA title in 1977–78 seasons. This season is also known as “Miracle season” because after season’s last match Bullet’s rank was 44–38 and it’s very hard to be champion after such an average rank in NBA.

After they beat Philadelphia 76ers on Eastern championship, the opponent on the final was Seattle SuperSonics. They defeated the Seattle SuperSonics on the seventh game and this game is under the unforgettable matches’ category of NBA.

The final MVP was Wes Unseld from Washington Bullets. There were also interesting statistics that no Washington Bullets players were on the top lists like points per game or rebounds per game.

70s to 80s was the barely playoff years of Washington Wizards. 90s was the Wizard’s Chris Webber and Richard Hamilton years. In 2001 Michael Jordan became the basketball operations president. Mid2000 seasons were Gilbert Arenas’ seasons and team made a good rank. But since 2007-08 season, Wizards last period is known also Misery period because of loses.

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