How many major white wine types are there?

White wine is a popular wine type which can has various colors like yellow-gold, yellow-green or straw-yellow. Color of white wine comes from grape types chosen for produce. White wine types are mostly lighter than red wines and they can be drunk with chicken or meat. White wine has different serving methods than red wine. If the temperature of white wine is higher than standard, it will lose its aromatic taste. Also white wine has cardiovascular benefits and high antioxidant level which helps for anti-aging process. How many major white wine types are there?

Chardonnay is one of the most popular white wine types ever. Wine is producing from Chardonnay grape’s dry white ones. Chardonnay grape is using for producing most delicious and expensive white wines in the world and it’s also popular to produce expensive champagnes from them. Because of Chardonnay’s grape’s nature, every production area’s Chardonnay wine has different aroma and acidity level but it’s acidity level is mostly high. Chardonnay grapes can also differ by aromas used in it. South Africa producers use tropical fruits and pineapple for flavor and they create a unique white wine. Also Australia and USA are big Chardonnay producers.
Gewurztraminer is a popular white wine type in Europe. It’s popular with sweet taste and deep aroma. Acidity level is very low for this wine so people who don’t like wine can drink it in the meetings or other festivals. Wine gourmets use Gewurztraminer as a palate sensitizing tool before meals. It’s popular in Africa themed restaurans of USA because of its flavor from tropical fruits. French people like Gewurztraminer wine with spice flavor.

Muscat or Muscato with its American name is also a very popular white wine type. Most popular feature of Muscat wines are their smell. It’s possible to feel all smell of Muscat grapes in this wine. So it’s the popular product of natural product sellers or organic meal restaurants. There are many subtypes of Muscat grapes so wine gourmets don’t like to try Muscat wine mostly but according to experts, Asti Spumante is the best Muscat wine ever. Taste of Muscat white wine is mostly sweet but acidity is very high. Some Muscat white wines have also creamy taste. Peach is the main flavor for Muscat and it’s also possible to find citrus or pear. France is the main place producing Muscat wines and Australia and New York are other places.
Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular Pinot Noir mutilations ever. Every country is producing its unique Pinot Grigio wine and taste differs from light to full. Also it’s possible to find some Pinot Grigio with complex taste which are popular between wine gourmets. Color of Pinot Grigio wines are mostly bright so they are very popular in restaurants. Northern Italy is the birthplace of Pinot Grigio and today Spain is a big producer of this wine. Acidity levels of these wines are always high so it’s not for every wine drinker.
Reisling grape is mostly using for producing a unique wine called ice wine. It’s a strong grape type which is possible to collect after it’s frozen under 7 C. Taste of Reisling wine is mostly sweater than others. Canada, Germany and Italy are the main Reisling wine producers. When Reisling Grape is used rather than ice wine, it’s taste varies from light to strong. American Reisling wines are mostly strong while Europeans has a lighter taste.
Sauvignon Blanc are very rare to make white wine alone so they mostly blend with Sémillon grapes for best taste. Also Sémillon and Viognier are other popular white wine types.

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