How many unforgettable red carpet dresses are there?

Oscars and other awards like Emmy are not only the way that successful actor and actresses are awarding for their works. They are also a place where fashion brands clash with their most assertive dresses and actor/actresses clash with their fashion styles. In the close and far history, especially actresses clashed with their styles and body shapes in red carpets. Some of them praised by millions but also some of them are laughed at their dresses and lost their chance to take good jobs. How many unforgettable red carpet dresses are there?

One of the most iconic dresses of the red carpet history is definitely Kate Winslet and her red gown. It’s true that hundreds of actresses wore red for red carpet and magazines matched their dress tone with red carpet’s tone. But it was a challenge against all ineffectual trials that Kate Winslet wore a Ben de Lisi gown of red. Gown was specially designed for the curves of Winslet and red roses were handling the dress from one shoulder. Also a deeper red purse was completing the beauty. Lots of celebrities tried to copy Winslet’s red carpet dress but they were all failures.
Another unforgettable red carpet dress is Angelina Jolie’s 2004 white dress. This dress is a total answer to questions about nobility and style. This Marc Bouwer gown is a unique tone of white ice and cream combination. Also dress is showing Angelina Jolie’s curves perfect than real. Dress also will be remembered with its sheer style when Angelina Jolie was taking the award. Jolie stuck millions of people to TVs at the moment.
It was not only Angelina Jolie in the 2004 red carpet, there was also Naomi Watts with white. It’s always a big step to success when an actress wears a Versace gown in the red carpet but it’s one of the unforgettable classics. Dress was elegant rhinestone-encrusted and it was not a classic one against all classic main notes. Beauty was hidden in details like opaqueness of dress and stiffened cleavage.

It’s hard to know if all fashion houses agreed for white but it was an unforgettable red carpet night with whites from various fashion houses. Celebrities agree that wearing Azzaro gowns are hard for some but easier for others because Azzoro have a different style to show curves. Diana Lane was courageous to wear an Azzoro gown in red carpet and magazines awarded her for her courage on this beautiful crystal-trimmed keyhole detailed bust and dress.
Beyonce Knowles was on Dreamgirls in 2005 and she was waiting an Oscar of red carpet. Knowles couldn’t take Oscar from movie but her Versace gown awarded by magazine Oscars for several times. Black velvet gown was the infinite symbol of nobility and perfect style. Also her hair and make up was perfect combination of dress. Some magazine writers criticized her big accessories and wallet but they gave ten points to all.

It was Penélope Cruz in 2007 Oscar Red Carpet and her Atelier Versace gown was unforgettable. Cruz had a bad fame on dressing in red carpets and noone was waiting such a good one. Magazines shocked firstly and then took thousands of photos. Color of dress was unique and gorgeous and also dress was so fit that all parts were moving with move of Cruz.
Mermaid dresses always become popular in red carpet but only a few of them could become unforgettable. Anne Hathaway’s 2009 mermaid dress is one of them. Giorgio Armani and Anne Hathaway matched perfectly for this dress. This dress and Anne Hathaway will be in the best dresses lists even after 100 years.

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