How many newest ways of hair transplantation are there?

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular ways for carrying hair follicles from hairy areas to bold areas. Hair transplantation is mostly using for male pattern baldness. There are some grafts in human body that is very resistive against loss. There are lots of areas that are possible to find resistive follicles. Some of them are eyelashes, beard hair, chest hair and more. One of the most important titles in hair transplantation is natural appearance. There were some problems in early techniques but today it’s possible to catch most natural appearance with new hair transplantation techniques. How many newest ways of hair transplantation are there?

Modern hair transplant techniques firstly started to use in 1930s Japan. Lashes and eyebrows were the first follicles used for transplantation. But their attempt was not totally enough to save man from baldness.
After WW2, modern hair transplantation researches started again on 1950s. At first period, people didn’t believe that transferred grafts will grow in their new area but them growth. After researches showed that new donors are only growing if they transfer inside the older follicles. In 2000s, “lateral slit” technique started to use and it created a more natural appearance than ever.
Today, after lots of tries, researches focused on three techniques. They are Strip harvesting, Follicular Unit Extraction and Hair Multiplication.

Strip harvesting is the most common way using all over the world. Main idea of strip harvesting is specifying a donor area and hair, follicle removing from this area. Main areas using for strip harvesting are scalp’s back and sides. Specialists using strip harvesting technique are using different types of scalpel. Scalpel can be double, triple or only one bladed. Main process is removing strips of hair-bearing tissue from specified area. Departed strips are dissecting to follicular units. They are hair follicles with naturally and small formed groupings.
Another system is Follicular Unit Extraction and knows mostly as FUE. In first years of FUE, multiple small sessions method was using but today single long session is using mostly. FUE is an advantageous system on hair transplantation but it needs skilled technicians and patient candidacy. Main advantage of FUE system is on the operation scars. System doesn’t live any linear scar. Also postoperative discomfort or pain is not observing. Main disadvantage of system is long operation time. But there are some researches to lessen the period. Another problem is higher cost than other hair transplantation systems. Operators mostly make a test before applying FUE system to clients. But today it’s believed that test is useless.

Hair multiplication technique is the newest one and it’s still on research area. Hair multiplication idea was born after dermal papilla cells and stem cells were discovered in hair follicles. Main idea and research laboratory of hair multiplication is now on Aderans Research Institute of USA. Hair multiplication is announcing as the future of hair transplantation. Also there are some important articles that Hair multiplication technique may be the end of baldness.

There are some temporary side effects of hair transplantation techniques. But also some side effects may be dangerous. “Shock loss” is the most known temporary side effect of hair transplantation ways. It’s a big hair loss but temporary one.
Swelling of forehead and scalp is also a general side effect of hair transplantation. Sometimes swelling grows high and medication needs to slow the problem. Sometimes swelling comes with itching but it’s very dangerous for patients because itching changes the form of transplanted hair follicles. There are some moisturizers and shampoos for treating this problem with massaging.

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