How many tattoos of Lil Wayne are there?

Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers in the world. He is recording music since 9 years old. He worked on various group like Hot Boys and made feats with popular rappers like Juvenile and Young Turk. He became famous with Hot Boy’s first album “Get It How U Live!” and second album “Guerrilla Warfare.” In 1999, he released his debut album “Tha Block Is Hot.” He’s known with aggressive lyrics, rap style and tattoos. He has tattoos in his face, necks, chest, arms, back, hands and legs. How many tattoos of Lil Wayne are there?

Lil Wayne has totally 48 tattoos in his body. His most popular tattoo is “Soo Woo” under his left ear. Lil Wayne revealed in an interview that “Soo Woo” is made for the honor of his Bloodz history.
Lil Wayne rarely talks about the meaning of his tattoos and most of the meanings on his tattoos are coming from his friends. Teardrops under his eyes are one of the most speculated tattoos of Lil Wayne. There are three teardrops. Some fans of Lil Wayne believe that three is the number of people Lil Wayne killed. According to his friends, three drops mean 3 close friends who have died.

There are tattoos “Fear God” on Lil Wayne’s eyelids and there’s a C between eyebrows. Some fans believe that C is the first name of Lil Wayne’s last name, Carter. Also some fans claim that C is for Christian.
“Tune” tattoo is on the left ear of Lil Wayne
. Childhood friends said that Tune means “Lil Tunechileoncious” which Lil Wayne’s grandmother gave him as a nickname.
“W” and “Weezy” are neck tattoos of Lil Wayne. “Weezy” is one of the most popular nicknames of rapper. “W” is announced as his most popular letter but some fans believe that W has a special meaning.
Three teardrops under the eyes of Lil Wayne are definitely most speculative tattoos of him. Popular meaning of these drops is coming from Lil Wayne’s mother. She said that Lil has always tears on his face and Lil Wayne made this tattoo as a remembrance of his mother. There’s also a general meaning of tear tattoo about prison days. Most of the prisoners make these tattoos after they released.
Lil Wayne likes New Orleans, his hometown more than any other cities. He has an “Orleans” tattoo under his sideburns. Also there’s an “I Am Pimp” tattoo on Wayne’s behind the right ear of him. But it’s also known that “I Am Pimp” is a popular slang joke in New Orleans.

Lil Wayne carries a map of Louisiana in his back. Louisiana is the state he was born and lived his childhood. Also a long prayer tattoo, some skull tattoo and some fire image tattoos can be seen at his back.
Lil Wayne has “Belfast” tattoo in his leg. “Belfast” is a big and popular street in New Orleans. Also it’s possible to see some lyrics of Jay-Z’s “Lucky Me” song, “Young Money” which is his music company and logo of TRUKFIT which is clothing line of Lil Wayne on his legs.
A controversial tattoo combination lay in Lil Wayne’s right hand. While “A Gun” tattoo is visible in his palm, there’s a tattoo “Trigger” in his right index finger. “Hot” and “Boy” tattoos are visible in his both hands which mean his first music group “Hot Boys.” “The World” tattoo can be seen on his left palm and it means world is in my hand and I can change it whenever I want.

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