How many girlfriends of Michael Jackson are there?

Personal life and relationships of pop star Michael Jackson had always been subject of public and media attention. He never liked talking about his childhood and only gave rare interviews about it. Many people wrote books about his childhood and relationship world after his death in 2009. According to many writers, his sexual experience started in 9 year old while he was a member of The Jacksons music group. He said in an interview that in his childhood, he loved Diana Ross but his first real date was with the popular child actress of time Tatum O’Neal. How many girlfriends of Michael Jackson are there?

Michael Jackson was popular after 9 years old and he passed a sensational childhood. His sex life was mostly with prostitutes and he involved many groupies. He finished this period with his relationship to Brooke Shields. They met in 1981 and went into romance. They enjoyed in first years of dating but then Brook Shields went to cool about Michael Jackson. In an interview, she said that Michael Jackson proposed her marriage on phone for many times. Jackson said that Shields was one of his loves in his life and she also loved him.
While he was in connection with Brook Shields, he was also in connection with Tatum O’Neal. When their romance started, Jackson was 17 and O’Neal was 12 only. He rarely spoke about Tatum but in his autobiographic documentary and some interviews, he said that they came home together but she was afraid of making love. But O’Neal said that Michael Jackson was so shy that he couldn’t sit to her bed even. They engaged in 1982 but then they only managed to be friends and no more.

Lisa Marie Presley was 6 and Michael Jackson was 16 when they first met. Her father Elvis Presley introduced them and said Michael Jackson is a talented boy on dancing. She was a fan of Jackson 5 group and Michael Jackson. They met again in November 1992 in L.A. and according to Lisa Marie Presley, their “adult relationship” is started. Presley and Jackson met in a private dinner. Jackson admired voice of Presley and said “You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble. Think about that, girl” when he was leaving. Jackson and Presley lived similar childhood experiences and they were many things to talk about. They believed that they are soulmate. After first year of their happy relationship, Jackson faced his first child sexual abuse accusation. Presley supported him and believed he was innocent. Jackson became a painkiller addict and Presley sent him to rehabilitation. When he proposed marriage to Presley, she was married with two children. Presley got divorced and they married in Dominican Republic in 1994. Their marriage period was not good and they argued many times. Presley filed divorce in 1996 and they divorced.
After divorce, Jackson married Debbie Rowe. She was assistant of pop star’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein. They met in 80s and according to some sources, they were in relationship while he was married. Rowe offered to carry Jackson’s first child and they it revealed that Presley declined to carry it. They married on November 13, 1996 with a private ceremony. Their first child Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. or “Prince Michael” with his popular name was born in February 13, 1997. Their second child Paris was born in On April 3, 1998. They divorced in October 8, 1999. Prince Michael II was born from a surrogate mother. Some newspapers believed that Prince is not Jackson’s biological child because he has a light skin but Jackson declined all claims.

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