How many stone blocks were used for Great Pyramid in Egypt?

Great Pyramid of Egypt or also known as Great Pyramid of Giza is the tallest building human hand made. It’s still a mystery how Egyptians made it but it’s now possible to count stones and reveal some construction details.

One of the biggest mysteries over Great Pyramid is how people carry and settle so big stones over the other one. Some scientists say they never carried them; they built them where stone is standing now. Some scientists have different ideas about stones. How many stone blocks were used for Great Pyramid in Egypt?

Last researches showed that Great Pyramid of Egypt has over 2 billion stones on it. Each stone’s average weight is over 2.5 tons. There are also different calculations about Great Pyramid’s total stone number.

Other mystery about Great Pyramid of Egypt is why people made it. Researches showed that pyramid is tomb of Khufu. He was the second king of Ancient Egypt’s greatest era called Fourth Dynasty. Scientists believed that workers carried big stones every day to create the big building.

It’s hard to solve all the mysteries of Great Pyramid now. One of the reasons of it is stone block’s location. There’s a tunnel dig by soldiers in AD 820. So people entering into Great Pyramid are using it. But it’s very dangerous so Egypt government is prohibited to use it. Other problem is tourism. There are some researches in Great Pyramid but people love the mystery of them then researches are blocking by people.

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