How Many Types of Mice are there in the world?

In the whole world there are lots of living things and all of those living things are affecting each other and there is a perfect balance all of the natural things in the world. If there is any change between that species of nature there can be huge unbalancing situation and as a result of this the balance of the world and the living things in the world can be change in a bad way. Because of these facts we as people must have to be careful about the balance in the world, we should not change the structure of the nature with the artificial things that are resulted from the technology and other negative elements that are in the whole world today. rat2R

When we look at the whole world we can see that there are not only people but also there are hundreds types of animals and plants. Especially animals are very important in our lives. On this point, maybe one of the most important animals in the world is mouse. In different fields especially in the field of medicine people are using the mouse as a test subject. Almost all of the medicine tests in the field of the medicine people are using these animals because of the fact that their being similarity to the structure of the human body. In accordance with the experts the animal that is the most close to the human body is the mice from the point of the structure of their cells and other features. In the field of the animals, a mouse is the type of the branch of Rodentia and they are generally small size animals. The name of the “Mouse” is not corresponding to any taxonomic group but on the other hand it is a general name for those creatures. When we look at the features of those animals we can see that they are easily escape and on the other hand they are easily produce and because of this in almost all of the different places of the world, mouse can be seen easily. They eat different kinds of food like cereals, insects, fruit, plant and roots of the plants and because of this they can easily find food whenever they want and wherever they go in almost all circumstances and as we said before the genetic structures of the mouse are very close to the human body. Now we are going to analyze the types of the mouse in the whole world.



The Number of Mouse that are Available in the World Today


Like in almost all types of the animals, the types of the mouse are different. When we look at the types of them, in accordance with the experts in the world today there are 126 different kinds of mouse. These types of the mouse are:

DEER MICE……….. 17 species

HARVEST MICE…….. 7 species


POCKET MICE……… 20 species

KANGAROO MICE……. 2 species

JUMPING MICE…….. 4 species

RICE RAT………… 2 species

COTTON RATS……… 4 species

WOOD RATS……….. 12 species

KANGAROO RATS……. 16 species

MUSKRAT…………. 2 species

VOLES…………… 26 species

LEMMINGS…………..6 species



MOUSE………. 1 species

PACK RAT……..1 species


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