How many coffee products are there in Caribou Coffee menu?

Caribou Coffee Company is the second biggest coffee chain in United States. Today company has 415 own stores in 16 states and 126 franchise stores worldwide. Headquarter of company is in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Company mostly specializes on the natural bean blend and products. Their partnership with Rainforest Alliance Company to create 100% Rainforest Alliance certified beans is still working. Most of their products today are African originated. Company mostly uses traditional blending systems and methods. They have also seasonal blends. How many coffee products are there in Caribou Coffee menu?

Today there are 17 products in the coffee menu of stores. “La Florida Select” is one of the most popular coffees in menu. Origin of coffee is El Salvador. Fruity taste of coffee is unique. Finishing taste is orange. Body of coffee is very creamy. Coffee is hand packed and has “Rainforest Alliance Certified” sign on it.
Starlight blend is another popular product of company. Secret behind taste is maple candy. Also finishing comes with ripe berries. Body is some heavy and delicious especially for hard coffee fans. Product has “100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” sign.
Eclipse blend products of Caribou Coffee have a bitter taste. Finishing is very chocolaty. Secret behind taste is dried cherry. It’s a very balanced coffee with sweet body. Product has ”100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” sign on it.

Ethiopia Finjal is the African taste coffee product of company. Citrus taste on drink is very dominant. Secret behind taste is licorice. It’s a strong coffee and Asians prefer to drink it in morning. Product has “100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” on it.
Daybreak blend coffees of Caribou Coffee have floral notes. Floral body goes to sweet finishing with fruity aromas. Secret behind taste of coffee is caramel and nuts. Product is perfect for daily drink and also it has “Rainforest Alliance Certified” on.
Costa Rica is a special product of company. Beans are coming Tarazzu’ region of country. Feature of Costa Rica is on its beans. Tarazzu areas’ beans grow slowly and flavors intensify to bean. This intensify creates a very relaxing body to coffee. Finishing is very chocolaty and secret behind taste is black cherry. Product has “100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” sign on it.
Guatemala El Paraiso is one of the special products than company blends in its own farms on Guatemala. Product has mainly citrus taste. Also floral flavors are possible for expert tongues. Secret behind taste is cranberry. It’s a very light coffee and good for daily drink.

Lakeshore blend coffees are very balanced and mild. El Salvador’s beans are using for blend. Body is very silky and giving a strange experience to drink. 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified is possible for this product.
Caribou Coffee stores use a special blend for Mocha called “Yemen Mocha Mattari”. It’s a dry-processed and very strong coffee so company uses some Costa Rica beans to soften it. Main taste of coffee is bittersweet chocolate. Secret behind taste are wild honey and blueberries.
Caribou Coffee stores use mostly worldwide popular products. But it’s also possible to find some local and seasonal tastes in menus. Another important feature of Caribou Coffee is its store decoration. All stores have a special concept to create a warm environment. Coffee prices are lower than Starbucks.

There are some calorie and carb controversies for Caribou Coffee like Starbucks. Calorie values of some classical products are very high and company is working hard to solve this situation. Caribou Coffee has a new strategy to open new stores in different states like New York and Vermont.

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