How Many Calories Are There in 100 Grams Nutmeg?

How Many Calories Are There in 100 Grams Nutmeg?


Nutmeg is one of the rare foods that we use in our kitchens. In this article, we are going to provide you information about the calorie value of this food. But before providing this information let us provide you some detailed information about the benefits and harmful effects of this seed. Many people believe that nutmeg is a fruit but in fact, it is the seed of the tree. This spice which has aromatic and aphrodisiac features has been used for treatment purposes for many years. Nutmeg trees which do not fall their leaves during the year and located in the rainforests of Indonesia also named the island they are located in as Spice Island.


Benefits of Nutmeg


This seed has a compound similar to menthol and it can be used as a natural painkiller due to this feature. Therefore nutmeg which is included in the dishes can help you to relieve pain due to injuries, chronic inflammation, and arthritis. In addition to this, this seed can help your digestion. When you ground the nutmeg until you have the powder, it can help your digestive system by promoting peristaltic movements in your bowels thanks to its fiber content. In addition to this, it facilitates the digestion and promotes the secretion of stomach and intestine juices.


Moreover, this spice is known to be good against constipation and other intestinal problems. It is known that nutmeg can accelerate the brain functions. The spice is used as a stimulant for the brains since old times. Nutmeg, which helps you to eliminate conditions such as tiredness and stress, can be a good solution in case you have anxiety and depression. Also, nutmeg consumption may be useful for those who still have to attend to school or in case you have focus problems at work.


Harmful Effects of Nutmeg


Nutmeg considered to be safe in case you will consume them in reasonable amounts through oral manner. This seed is commonly used as a spice on dishes. It is not safe to consume nutmeg for long periods apart from using them as a spice on foods. Consuming 120 mg daily for long periods may cause people to have hallucinations and other mental side effects. Those who consume a large amount of nutmeg can experience side effects such as, dizziness, mouth dryness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, agitation, and hallucination. Sometimes death can be included in these side effects. However in case, you will use it on spice as you were always using, you will not experience any side effects.


Now it is time to talk about the calorie value of this spice. In fact, this spice is rich in calories. 100 grams of nutmeg includes 523 calories in it. Fortunately, we use it only as a spice and it can be found in all herbalists. Now you know the benefits and side effects of this spice. You can use it consciously to spice the dishes you have prepared. In case you have not tasted it yet, we highly recommend you to do so.

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