How many reasons are there not to plant bamboo on garden?

Bamboo became a popular decorating item in 90s with its natural, easy to grow and cheap style. Various sectors like flooring and gardening used this item. But after years of bamboo growing and using, it’s now possible to see that bamboo is problematic on various ways especially in gardening. Bamboo is a real fast growing plant and except professional gardeners it’s hard to control it. Today most of the garden accessory sellers are stopped to sell bamboo. How many reasons are there not to plant bamboo on garden?

Experts list 5 main reasons not to plant bamboo in garden. One of the most important reasons is their control problems. Bamboo spreads so fast that it needs only one week to reach neighbor’s garden. Specie of Bamboo is very important on this topic. It’s very popular to use bamboo for creating a natural border with neighbor but it can start to harm neighbor’s garden. Neighbors have a right to get removed the bamboos in legal in lots of states because some bamboos have noxious weeds. Also it’s possible to be liable for neighbor’s damage cost.
Some bamboo species threats also ecological diversity. Bamboo is an exotic plant and it’s very strong compared to garden and city ecological diversity. It’s easy to notice that bamboo is killing the nature in area and it’s very expensive to avoid from bamboo weeds. Also chemicals using for bamboo are very dangerous and they harm the nature.
Another important reason for not planting bamboo in gardening is getting rid of bamboos. Bamboo is an exotic plant so weed and root of bamboo is very easy to spread. Experts notice that when a bamboo planted to garden and growth for three months, it needs at least two years to get rid of bamboo because it sends weeds to deepest place with its long roots. The most successful way to get rid of bamboo today is frequent sawing but it needs at least one year to kill bamboo.

When bamboo war is not over, people use herbicides to kill them compulsorily. It’s very dangerous to use herbicides if there are organic plants in the bamboo garden because herbicides will also harm them. Also soil will be useless for at least six months. It’s also very expensive because at least 5 times of herbicides is a must.
Today bamboo sellers argue that not all the bamboo species are problematic and there are over 1000 species of bamboo selling on the market. Registrants labeled all species for market but it’s very hard to differentiate the bamboo seeds and mislabel is a general problem.

Another problem about bamboo is some invasive weeds very similar to bamboo weeds. Some companies are selling these cheap and wild products as bamboo weed. One of the most popular bamboos like product is giant reed and it’s very frequent in American markets. Giant reed is a very invasive product and it’s very hard to get rid of.
Some bamboo weeds are very anxious. It’s especially a big problem for children playing on garden. Weed of bamboo is very strong and hard to crack but children can crack it a stone. A bamboo weed may include a unique poison that is very hard to diagnose and treat. Today it’s very frequent poisoning from bamboo weed in Asia but still very rare in United States.
Today bamboo is losing its market share to other products because of various problems. Bamboo sellers are also redirecting their producing way from gardening to flooring and bamboo products selling like vase.

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