How Many Samsung Galaxy s3 sold up to now?

In our modern day with the high technology in the field of mobile phones smart phones are very popular and in the world millions of people are using them. People can do lots of things by using their smart phones. When we thing ten years ago, people are using laptops or notebooks with them for example when they are going to a travel or working meeting or another place. But on the other hand when we think about today’s technology people can do whatever they want by using smart phones that they do in personal computers, laptops or notebooks.s3fronts

. People can send electronic mail to their colleagues, they can reach the internet, they can take the photographs, they can listen to music, they can play the video games and there are lots of features of those smart phones. When we think from the general point they are very beneficial for people who are always travelling or working. When we look at the world market today there are some popular brands of smart phones. Some of them are Iphone by the company of Apple, Nokia, and there are lots of smart phone models of Samsung. And between these brands Iphone 4s and Samsung galaxy sIII maybe are one of the most popular and bestseller of smart phones especially in last year. Now let’s a close look to Samsung Galaxy sIII.



A close view to Samsung Galaxy S3

The model of Galaxy s3 by Samsung hits the bestseller in the year of 2012. It is produced by Samsung in the year of 2012 and it affects millions of the people too much extend. It is multi-touchable smart phone and on the other hand it has android system and the reason why it is so popular is that one of the most important factor is that is has android system. Because people like android system too much extend because of the fact that it’s being useful and it has lots of features. People can use android market and as a result of this they can download millions of applications from the android market. There are also some paid applications but there are millions of free applications in android market.  In addition to these features Samsung Galaxy s3 has lots of other features that affect people too much extend. It is the bestseller of the year of 2012 and in the year of 2013 again its selling are resuming too much extend. When we look at the statistics about the Galaxy s3, we see that up to now Samsung Galaxy s3 sells up to 40 million sales along the whole world. This number is increasing day by day and even the newer smart phones can’t reach the selling number of the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Company is producing lots of other smart phones like Galaxy s3 and their qualities are perfect and because of this the company can sell their products and they are reaching the records.


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