How many Stephen King books are there?

Stephen King is one of the most famous authors all over the world. He’s writing since 1960s and still continuing to write. King’s main topics are horror, fantasy fiction, science fiction and suspense. Over 350.000 books of Stephen King are sold since today. He took lots of awards in his life like Bram Stoker award.  King’s first important and accepted novel was Carrie in 1973. He also made lots of book series. In 1980s he decided to write with Richard Bachman nickname and he has 7 novels published with this name. He has also an exemplary lifestyle to be a successful write. He’s reading and writing every day for 6 hours and says that it’s impossible to be a famous writer without it. How many Stephen King books are there?

Stephen King released over 150 books in his life. First book of him was People, Places, And Things – Volume 1 in 1960. But milestone of his author life was The Star Invaders science fiction book.

In 1977 he wrote “The Shining”. Book made a big impact and adapted to famous movie called “The Shining”. Jack Nicholson took lots of awards with this movie.

In the 1980s he wrote the famous book series The Dark Tower. Also Pet Cemetery, The Talisman and It was the important Stephen King books of era.

Stephen King started to 90s with The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands. Also he wrote Dolores Claiborne and Nightmares & Dreamscapes. The Green Mile was also an important book of 90s. He’s still writing.

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