How many big discipline mistakes parents make commonly?

Children are children and each parents has their own way for discipline. It’s true that children are not aware of everything and teaching them some morale and other important titles are vital. But it’s also possible to see that many parents are making big mistakes while trying to give discipline to their children and children are facing mental and physical problems in their following ages. Researches shows that most of the mistakes young people doing are rooting in the wrong discipline applications of parents. Also some parents are forgetting that most of the mistakes children making are common and they are making it because they don’t know the right behavior or they are on the rebellion age. How many big discipline mistakes parents do commonly?

One of the biggest mistakes parents are doing while giving discipline to their children is realizing the discipline as punishing. When children made a mistake and if it’s bigger, first thing coming to parent’s mind is giving a punishment that she will always remember his mistake and remember the punishment. Today’s new discipline ways are for bring up children and doesn’t include punishment. Rules of discipline was going through discipline in 60s but today it’s going on the way of expectations and boundaries. Parents must set the boundaries and talk about expectations when children made a mistake. It’s easy to notice that punishment is not a permanent way to stop mistakes but being patient and showing the right behavior again and again is the way of permanent fixing. Also parents must not forget that they are also showing children how to discipline their sons’ or daughter’s children.

On the other hand, there are some parents trying the way of talking but they are making it wrong. Children like to move and sitting them on a chair and giving them advices for hours is not their type. Even parents talk about the most important thing about the life of children, they will listen up to 5 minutes. Also if parents do same for two or three times, children will understand that talking for hours is coming again and they will not listen ever small advices. Easiest way to give discipline to children by talking is short advices with effective words. Simply stating the wrong behavior of child is also a good way.
Trying to give discipline when too angry is another mistake of parents. It’s true that being patient or staying silent after some big mistakes of children are very hard. But children can feel the mood of parents easily and they can easily change the routine of talk with words. Many parents feel sorry and question themselves how they came to a point for punishing children so strict and they easily notice that they started to talk when they angry and they couldn’t control their words. Waiting some minutes to calm down is enough for speaking with boundaries in control.
Also parents are missing the point that children are watching every moment of their parents and they are copying their behaviors. Most of the parents preach their children not to say lie or shout to others but they lie on phone when they don’t want to go a meeting or shout to others when they get angry. They mostly forget their children watching them carefully. It’s hard to stay calm on the business world and parents can notice that children are watching them. So solving the problems on the outside is a good way for children.
Also some parents only say “no” or “don’t” but they don’t talk about reason of it. It’s also vital to talk about reasons to children on discipline.


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