How many popular types of Yoga are there?

Yoga is a common name of spiritual, physical and mental exercises. According to researches origins of Yoga is coming from ancient India. According to Hindu philosophy, Yoga is a school in āstika schools world. There are many contents of Yoga in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Popular Hindu monks like Swami Vivekananda brought it to West world in 19th century and it reached most popular point in 20th century. Many experts examined healthy effects of Yoga in illnesses like cancer, heart patients and asthma. Today, it’s popular in musculo–skeletal exercises in U.S. How many popular types of Yoga are there?

Anusara Yoga is one of the most popular Yoga types in Europe today. It’s not a classic Yoga exercise and according to Anusara experts, it’s a way Yoga exercises show their own skills in the Yoga discipline. Many Anusara exercisers believe that Anusara is a way to stop standard cookie-cutter positions for all. It’s also some humorous and exciting to make the exercises of Anusara and many Yoga newbies today choose this way. There are today over 1200 certified teachers of Anusara in the world.

Ashtanga is another popular Yoga exercises combination. There are three series in Ashtanga. Exercises need to move rapidly and heal in the right position. It’s origins are coming from Mysore, India and it this area, Ashtanga is using for teenage schoolboys to concentrate their energy in one point. Asthanga need some athletic poses so it’s hard for many people first. But many Asthanga exercises are successful on weight loss and it made the exercise popular in U.S. Gwyneth Paltrow is the biggest fan of Asthanga in the world.
Bikram is a strange type of Yoga which is made only in a sauna. In official Bikram classes, temperature goes over 105 degrees and humidity goes over 40 percent in room. Bikram takes its name from inventor Bikram Choudhury and consists of 26 basic yoga postures. It’s one of the biggest weight losers in the Yoga world and it’s possible to burn over 600 calories in one lesson. Many Hollywood starts like Bikram.
Hatha is one of the classical combinations of Yoga. It’s possible to find easier to make exercises from other Yoga disciplines in Hatha. It’s not a strong weight loser and body shaper but it’s perfect for de-stressing. Many people believe that it’s the best pre-exercise Yoga type ever. Rodney Yee made the Hatha popular in U.S with DVDs.
Iyengar is a Yoga type which uses many tools for perfect exercise. It needs straps, incline boards and blocks and many people call its name humorously as “furniture yoga” It’s appropriate for all ages and body shapes. Many people choose Iyengar because it’s one of the most systematic popular Yoga exercises ever. Also learning the main fundamentals of Iyengar is easy. It will be easier when the exercisers use fit clothing. Andie McDowell is the most popular Iyengar fan in the world.
Jivamukti is one of the most popular Yoga types in west world because it combines spiritual world of eastern Yoga with good West exercise practices. Jivamukti classes are unique and they are themed with spiritual decores. Meaning of Jivamukti is “liberation while living” Attenders of Jivamukti are not only together in exercise class, they are also together in animal rights activism and other social events. There are 5 centers of Jivamukti in the world and New York City is the most popular one ever.
Kripalu is a three stage Yoga exercise which needs a good teacher. It needs strong meditation before exercise. Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts is very popular.

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