How many members of Barack Obama family are there?

USA President Obama has a small but various heritage rooted family. It’s possible to say that Obama family’s heritage comes from Kenyan, African American, Irish and English. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s relationship started in 91 and their first date was for the “Do the Right Thing” of Spike Lee. Couple married in October 1992. Michelle Obama has gone to help his husband’s election campaign only one day in a week and it’s criticized by some writers and party members. Couple always prefers date nights. How many members of Barack Obama family are there?

There are four main members of Obama family now. They are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and their two daughters Sasha Obama and Malia Obama.
Barack Obama was born in 1961. He became the first African American president after election. He graduated of Harvard Law School and Columbia University. He lived in Chicago for education and he’s known as a good community organizer. He made some works as civil rights attorney. He runs 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He won the 2008 presidential election. He is running again for 2012 election now.

Michelle Obama or Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama with her full name is the wife of Barack Obama. She was born January 17, 1964. She’s the first African-American first lady. Michelle Obama graduated of Harvard Law School and Princeton University. Michelle Obama met Barack Obama in Sidley Austin law firm. She worked also for Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley. She became one of the most popular First Ladies ever with her iconic fashion wear. She also became a role model for all women over the world with her works on charity and more. She’s now advocating for topics like nutrition, poverty awareness and healthy eating. Barack Obama- Michelle Obama couple has two daughters. Malia Ann Obama was born July 4, 1998 and Natasha was born June 10, 2001.
Malia Obama is the older daughter of Barack Obama. She’s the youngest daughter lived in White House. Barack and Michelle Obama don’t like to share information about their daughters and it’s only limited information about them. Her full name is Malia Ann Merinia Taihie Robinson Obama. Malia Obama has been nearly all time seen with her mother outside the White Office and they became top news for magazines with their matching wear. Also there were some news that Malia Obama rejected to wear in formal style while she and her sister were going to “Memphis” musical on Broadway and magazines shot her in Denim Biker Jacket- studded motorcycle boots combination. After this situation, Malia Obama changed her style and today some magazines honor her as “Inaugural First Model.”

Sasha Obama is younger than Malia Obama and she rarely became news. Last time people saw her on newspapers was Barack Obama’s interview. President said that her daughters will work for earning their first money. They will make babysitting for learning savings. Target for them is keeping a hundred dollars in 3 or 6 months. It’s known that Barack and Michelle Obama couple lived poor days and they found hard to pay credit card and other expenses. But two books of Barack Obama made them millionaire. Money that Sasha and Malia earn will be used in their college fund.
It’s possible to hear lots of interviews that Barack Obama makes jokes to his daughters. He especially makes them for Malia. It’s also possible to see that Barack Obama- Michelle Obama couple is not talking about their daughter like former president families and they are very careful on talking about them.

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