How many main dating rules are there?

Dating is as old as civilization history but it became a phenomenon social situation in last centuries. It’s a traditional event that people meet in somewhere then one of them offers to date, they date and action starts. After 19th century, women started to realize dating as a social need and right of them and dating in cafes became a fashion. Today everywhere can be a dating place like ballroom, a nature walk park, cafes, restaurants and more. Also internet became the first dating area and it’s called as online dating. Many couples prefer to meet and date online before going to a café or restaurant. Also problems and other events in date game became story of various movies, stories and more. How many main dating rules are there?

One of the most important dating rules for all men and women is being calm and patient. Everyone needs time to think before a new relationship and date. So calling and insisting for a date may hurt all innocence of your relationship before starting. When both sides are patient, life will show them to perfect date time.
Choosing first date’s place is also very important. It’s a truth that finding shared topics in first date may be hard. So going to a bar dedicated to a music genre or going to a movie then sit in a café may be good. Movement will create something to talk about it. Finding the right place is also very important because it will give clues about daters lifestyle so if the place is not offering something for both sides, it will be a bad first date.
One of the most common faults people make in first date is talking and gossiping about their exes. No one wants to be compared with exes but talking about exes will start an inside compare for all. Especially women are very sensitive on this topic so men must be careful.

Creating an environment both sides feel comfortable is a key point for a successful dating. Stress and anxiety is the nature of fist date so going to a place where he or she never went before may be dangerous but also going to a place where everyone knows daters is not good. Best place to go for first date is a new café in city center with moderate pricing and style.
Complimenting extremely and behaving her like a goddess is one of the biggest men mistakes in dating. It’s a common belief that woman like compliments and it’s true but no one is perfect and women don’t like to introduce themselves more than their own. Today most of the women like men who accept them with their good and bad behaviors and faults. So reading a poem or behaving her like Aphrodite is romantic but it’s too old and classic. Man must find a balance of compliment and daily behavior style.

If daters decide to go restaurants or café offering alcoholic beverages, level of alcohol is vital. If it’s especially first date and daters don’t know the drunkenness level of other, being careful is very important because no one can guess the end of the night.
Also respecting date time, trying not to be funny and talking with a sense of humor, not going into politics or other personal ideas is very important for first date. Giving gift is not a good idea because gift may not response to daters’ style. Men in USA mostly buy cat or dog toys to women in first date but %50 of the women in USA afraid of these animals.

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