How many popular products are there for dog grooming?

Grooming is one of the vital situations for all pets but especially for dogs. All dog types have different grooming needs and they also need different grooming tools. A good owner must care the problems their dog faces while grooming and today It’s possible to find lots of products to solve problems. Tear-free Shampoos are one of them and researches showed that %25 of all dogs have problems with dog shampoos and their eyes get allergenic and burns after bath. How many popular products are there for dog grooming?

Dog brushes and combs are one of the most important tools for dog grooming. Every type of dog has different hair type and also some dogs may have different hair types than others even they are in same category. Choosing a wrong brush or comb means pain on all grooming activities and it mainly causes wrong behavior types in dogs especially in grooming situation. Some dog types may be aggressive and dangerous after a few usages of wrong products.
Bristle brushes are one of the most popular brush types for dogs because they are perfect for most of dog types. It’s possible to find soft or firm models of them in market easily. Wire Pin Brushes are for dogs which have long hair. Also they can be used for some medium haired dogs. Slicker brushes are special products for mat and tangle break up process in long hair dogs. “Rakes and mat breaker” brushes are similar to slicker brushes but they are using in more problematic and severe mat and tangle situations. “Shedding Tools” are for double-coated breeds. They have special teeth in brush and it helps to solve the excess hair problem on these dogs. There are lots of subtypes of product like FURminators. Flea combs are very popular to fight with fleas on dogs.
Nail trimmers are very important and sometimes life saver for dogs because nail trimming for dogs is a very stressful and hard work. Today there are lots of popular techniques for this process that makes nail trimming easier than ever.

“Spring-loaded trimmers” are one of the latest and popular products in the market. They have a special spring-loaded mechanism so it’s easy to cut dog’s nails in fashionable styles. “Guillotine trimmers” is an updated model of “Spring-loaded trimmers” with replaceable blades. “Scissor-like trimmers” are developed after spring-loaded trimmers have problems for dogs with small and sensitive nails. Styptic powder is also very important product in trimmers because it’s a frequent situation that owner cuts nail deep and it starts to bleed. Styptic powder includes special ingredients to stop blood in dog nails. Filing tools are mostly using for special breeds with small nails.

Bathing can be vital for dogs and using right dog shampoos will help them to live longer and not going into bath stress ever. “Tear-free shampoos” are some of the most popular products nowadays and they are very important because researches showed that %25 of dogs face eye allergy with shampoos. Oatmeal shampoos are for dogs that has itching problem after bath. Natural shampoos are for dogs that is facing coat problems after classic shampoos. Medicated shampoos are mostly offering by veterinarian and they are mostly for problematic allergies. Conditioners are classic for keeping coat of dog shiny and healthy. Today it’s possible to see different types of conditioners so while some of them need rinse off, others need to be keep on body for a few hours to other bathing.
“Ear care” products are very important for dogs because they can easily get ear problems. Also “Dog hair clippers” are popular for dogs that need hair clipping.

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