How Many Different Versions of Windows 8 Are There Up To Now?

Are you interested in the technology? Do you follow the software that are currently in the market? Which product do you use in your computer as your managing system? When we look at the whole world, it is possible to see that in almost all of the countries of the world, the personal computers are used. When we look at the history of the computers and the internet in a short way, we can see that the roots of the personal computers and the internet in not more than the one hundred years, especially after the period of the industrial revolution, like almost in all fields, in the field of the personal computers there are lots of new innovations that people can use in their lives.


With the these technological developments, people can do whatever they want in their lives and it is clear that these innovations make people’s live much more easier than when we compare with the past. In our modern era, in almost all of the workplaces and the homes, it is possible to see that there are a personal computers. And at this point we can say that people can make their works that are related to the their works, school and other things with the personal computers and thanks to them the people’s lives is comfortable now. When we look at the using necessities of them, it is clear that not only the hardware of the computers but also on the other hand the software of the computers is also have very significant role in their workings. If it is necessary to express its meaning, we can easily say that without being a software a personal computer cant run and because of this reason all of the people who has personal computers have to get the necessary software in order to use their computers in an effective way. When we look at the operating systems that are used for the personal computers that are available in the whole world, it can be said that the most popular and the most used operating system is the Windows. Almost all of the people in the whole world is using the Windows in their computers as their operating system and when we look at the history of the Windows it is possible to see that there are lots of different versions of it and each year it is developing itself and again it is certain that in the future the company will improve its operating systems in a good way. Today we are going to makes a short analysis about the version of Windows 8 and the different versions of it that is up to now.


The Number of the Different Versions of the Windows 8 Up To Now


As all we know the product of Windows is a product of the company of the Microsoft and it is clear that the company of Microsoft is the biggest computer company that are in the world. When we look at the different versions of Windows 8 we can see that there are 4 different versions of it and their names are Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows Pro, Windows Enterprise.


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