How many main characters are there in The Simpsons?

The Simpsons are legendary animated sitcom of USA. Main topic of The Simpsons is life of an average middle class American family. The Simpsons family has five members as Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson. Show was a part of The Tracey Ullman Show from 1987 to 1989. Then Fox made it a prime time show and The Simpson entered top 30 rating hits list. It’s now the longest running sitcom in America. The Simpson won hundreds of prizes in 20 years and The Simpsons Movie made $527 million gross. The Simpson has thousands of one-time characters but it has also main characters. How many main characters are there in The Simpsons?

There are 151 main characters in The Simpsons. There are only 5 family members still playing since the first episode Good Night in 1987.
Homer Simpson is the father of The Simpsons family. Dan Castellaneta is giving his voice. Homer name is coming from the father of writer Matt Groening as Homer Groening. Homer Simpson works on Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He’s a main stereotype of American middle class worker with his heavy drinker, lazy and ignorant character. Homer mostly sleeps in work and her boss Mr. Burns ignores him. Homer’s image in diaper and donut in his hand is a popular cultural icon now.

Marge Simpson is the wife of Homer Simpson. She’s characteristic with her long and blue hair. Marge is the moral feed of family. She’s always intelligent but also sometimes she goes on the way of Homer. Marge’s voice is Julie Kavner. Marge has some problems about her feelings in some episodes.
Bart Simpson is Homer and Marge’s eldest child. He’s 10 years old. He’s a stereotype of school children at this age. He’s ridiculous, disrespectful and easy to rebel. Bart became one of the most successful merchandising characters in the comic history. Bart’s birth was on the “I Married Marge”episode in 1991. Bart’s dialogues are mostly like “”eat my shorts” to his school Principal Skinner. In some episodes he worked for Krusty the Clown as assistant.

Lisa Simpson is the first daughter of The Simpsons family. She plays baritone saxophone and she’s very intelligent and sensitive to problems. In season 7, she enters the Tibetan independence movement and became Buddhist. Her voice is Yeardley Smith. Lisa lives some problems with her childhood experiences conflicting with her intellectuality. Especially Women rights organizations took Lisa as an idol because she was one of the most perfect and intelligent female characters in TV.
Maggie Simpson is the third child of The Simpsons family. It’s mostly possible to see her while sucking pacifier. She cannot talk but she can pronounce some words. Marge’s pregnancy changed the lifestyle of The Simpsons family because before this pregnancy, Homer was working for his dream job Barney’s Bowlarama and resigned from his first job in Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. After pregnancy he returned to his old job. Maggie is very intelligent as escaped from Springfield daycare center and wrote E=MC² with baby blocks.
There are also characters seen on most episodes like Springfield state’s governor Mary Bailey, The Simpsons’ neighbor Ned Flanders, Blues musician Bleeding Gums Murphy, Krusty the Clown, Moe’s Tavern’s owner Moe Szyslak and Springfield Chief of Police Chief Clancy Wiggum.

Also there are main characters from The Simpsons family as Abraham Simpson the father of Homer, Mona Simpson the mother of Homer, Herbert Powell Homer’s half-brother, Jacqueline Bouvier Marge’s mother and Clancy Bouvier Marge’s father. New family characters are added to The Simpson on nearly all seasons.

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