How many planes are there in the Boeing 707 series?

Boeing Company is one of the most popular aerospace companies in the world. They have also works on defense systems. Company is founded by William E. Boeing in 1916. Today Boeing is a multinational company with 164.000 workers. Boeing 700 series or Boeing 7×7 series with its original name is their most popular plane series actively using in the world. Company firstly decided to use 700 as series number but then changed last number of series to 7. How many planes are there in the Boeing 700 series?

There are 10 planes in the 7×7 series of Boeing. First plane on this serie was The Boeing 707. It’s in the narrow-body and 4 engine jet airliner class. Boeing 707 is produced since 1979. Its name is publicly known as “Seven Oh Seven”. It dominated air transport in 60s. 707s are used in domestic, transatlantic and transcontinental flights. 707 took a bad fame with its problems and accidents. Since first accident in training, 2,739 people died on the accidents of 707.

Boeing 720 was a developed version of 707s. It’s used in 60s. After some reported engine problems, 720B version is released with Pratt & Whitney JT3D turbofans. It’s especially used in U.S. Companies like American Airlines, Braniff Airways and Northwest Airlines used it for a long time. Boeing 720 caught a bad fame after some fatal accidents and a bombing in 1976.
The Boeing 717 is a not popular version of Boeing 707 series with twin-engine feature. It was possible to load 117 passengers to this plane. Two Rolls-Royce were also giving the plane popularity in common. First planes entered service in 2000. Totally 156 planes were produced and production lasted in 2006. Plane mostly used in Australia, Finland, Spain, Turkmenistan and United States. Boeing saw only 5 incidents and none of them were in the flight process. Only one of them is caused by hijacking attempt.
Boeing 737 is a popular variant of 707 series. There are Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 Next Generation and Boeing 737 Max variants of this model. Its passenger size varies from 85 to 215. Boeing 737 Max is under development now and will be ready on 2017. Boeing 307 is firstly entered the service in 1968. Since 1968, Boeing 737 became best-selling jet airliner in the world. Boeing Company produced 7,251 ones and producing for 2,790 orders still. Testing operation of plane was made by NASA. Boeing 737 series totally saw 106 hijackings. It also saw 159 big accidents and 4,236 fatalities.

Boeing 747 is also one of the world’s most popular plane models ever. It’s today using both for commercial and cargo. Boeing 747 is known as first wide-body plane created. Main passenger version of plane is The 747-400. Aircraft companies are using Boeing 747 as 416 passengers’ version, 524 passengers or 660 passengers version. Also it’s the main model using in disaster movies or war movies. After some accidents caused by pilot error or bombings, Boeing replaced security system with a new one.
Boeing 777 is today world’s largest twinjet. It has over 300 passenger capacity. It’s publicly known as “Triple Seven”. Plane has developed landing and engine features. 777-200ER version of plane is the most common one using today. Today there are researches on new fuel-efficient version of Boeing 777.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the newest plane of Boeing Company. Most important feature of plane is its fuel-efficient engines. It uses 20% less fuel than Boeing 777. It’s also using a shared panel with Boeing 777 so qualified pilots can use both 777 and 787. Plane started to service in 2011.

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