How many popular wine coolers are there?

Wine coolers are one of the oldest tools in the world history. Today it’s possible to find professional ones for precious and expensive wines. Because of every wine has its own temperature to keep, a professional wine cooler needs detailed features. Today it’s possible to find larger refrigerator-style wine coolers and small coolers for special wines. Professional wine coolers are today controlling by thermostats. Today professional wine coolers are also reviewing by their capacity, energy efficiency, interior light level, UV protective, dual zone and locking doors. How many popular wine coolers are there?

NewAir AW-210ED is one of the most popular wine coolers of last years. First of all, it’s a good part of decorative wine cellars with its style. It’s possible to use in shops and private places. Inside design is also very suitable for various bottle sizes. Today it’s possible to see lots of wine coolers with limited to standard wine size. NewAir AW-210ED needs only attaching handles to use it after buy. Distributor of product is Air & Water and they have good support quality. Product is very compact but for $291.95, it has low capacity.
Whynter WC-211DZ is some expensive in popular wine coolers with its $360.00 price. Product is carrying the line of Whynter wine coolers with good features. Especially temperature control features of product are better than others. Also blue LED light is special for not harming the wine. There are two zones for different wine types. Style of Whynter WC-211DZ is not suitable for commercial use but it’s a shining part of wine cellars. Size of Whynter WC-211DZ is not enough for such high prices but if you need space for only 10 special wines, you can buy it for perfect style.

Danby DWC3509EBLS is the choice of collectors. It has a very strong lock on it. Also it has 35-bottle capacity and such big capacity is unique for so stylish wine cooler category. Disadvantage of Danby DWC3509EBLS is that product is not offering dual temperature zones. Wine collectors have to choose red, white or other wine types for this product. It’s a common belief that Danby products are not strong and nearly all products are broken in three months so in this new series, Danby used a strong material with adding some easy to use features especially in handles. Support for product is also good according to customer experiences.

It’s hard to say anything about high quality of Kalorik WCL 20629 but it’s also possible to see lots of customer complaints about product and support on product. Style of product is not suitable for decorative wine cellars because it’s looking more like a small refrigerator but it has long life with the stainless steel door ans inside holders. Product is using thermoelectric cooling technology so it’s possible to keep wines good for some years but product is not for old and precious wines. There are various complaints about product especially on packaging style. Company is changing the broken products quickly. Price of product is $249.99.
SPT WC-20TL is very similar to Kalorik WCL 20629 in design but it has also a grey door. Most important feature of product is that it’s very compact. 5 shelves can hold up to 20 bottles of wine. Thermoelectric technology used in cooler is making the product very silent and energy efficient. Support of product is very popular. It’s possible to reach company by phone and e-mail also. Main disadvantage of cooler is that it has limited temperature range. So it’s not possible to use it for champagnes or other precious whites.

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