How many types of skirts are there?

Skirts are an important part of women wear. They are mostly using in western world for women. Also there are skirts for men like kilt in Scotland. Skirts were mostly made of one material in 60s but today there are different materials on skirts. Skirts became important after 1500s and it’s still a sign of social class for women. Also miniskirt was a fashion revolution on 60s and it affected lots of social and political movements. It’s a sign of women freedom today. In years, lots of skirt types became popular and most of them are still wearable. How many types of skirts are there?

First signs of skirt were found in Armenia 3,900 B.C. In first period, skirts were mostly wearing by men. It was a way of avoiding hot days. Then Chinese women started to wear skirts but they were very short that called first miniskirts in world. After 1800s, skirt started to be a sign of women’s class. High classes were only wearing some kind of skirt. After 1900s first period, skirts became a part of daily wear. Miniskirt became famous in 1950s again because it was after war period and women were in a search of new. Miniskirts were sexy, womanish and easy to produce with one kind of material.

Today there are main skirt types and some skirt types left from fashion eras. Pencil skirt is one of them. Pencil skirt is mainly a narrow and long cut of skirt. Women like pencil skirts because they give a chance for wearing long skirt with a pleat on women’s required size. Pencil skirt became famous after Christian Dior produced the modern ones in 40s. Full skirt and miniskirts are also produced by Christian Dior on their modern type. Also hem skirt is a main model but it’s not popular to use now.
Ballerina skirt was popular in 50s. It was a full skirt from mid-calf to ankles. Women were wearing ballerina skirts in ball gowns. Today it’s possible to find modern types of ballerina skirts.
Broomstick skirt was popular in 80s. It was not a type of modern skirt but a recall of daily wear skirts. Women wore it because it was very relax and easy to wear.

Cargo skirts were popular in 90s but it’s still possible to see this type of skirt. It’s mostly preferred by woman at outside works. It was a cut of popular cargo pants and it was very easy to wear it with skirt’s deep pockets and formal style.
Prairie skirt was popular in 70s and 80s. It was a remake of daily wear skirts with some fashionable designs. They became famous after Ralph Lauren’s famous 78 show. Usage of American style fabrics like denim and calico made it popular in America.
Rah-rah skirts were also popular in 80s. They were originally dresses of cheerleaders. But then families searching an alternative for miniskirt, started to force girls to wear cheerleader type rah-rah skirts. It’s not popular to wear them now but cheerleaders still use them.
Skort or Scooter skirt became famous with sportswomen from tennis and golf. It’s a kind of pencil skirt but wider and easy to move in it. Women were wearing “Q Skirts” in 60s for sports like golf but it was some hard to move in them. Skorts evolved to short like models in 2000s.
Also skirt is using in men culture mostly in traditional wear. “Kilt” is the traditional men wear in Scotland. “The Foustanella” is wearing mostly by Greek soldiers. “The Gho” is the Bhutan’s official men wear mostly using in government offices. “Sarong” is also a men’s wear skirt in south Asia.

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