How Many People are Visiting the Jerusalem Each Year ?

In the whole world there are lots of different and beautiful places and in each year millions of the people from the different regions of the world are visiting different places. When we think about the whole history of our world we can see that in the world there are unique places and people should see that places9A3_kudus


But on the one hand when we look at the situation of the whole world we can see that some people are dying from hunger and on the other hand we can see the people who are very wealth and because of this fact it is not possible many times for all the people to travel all around the world because of their economical situations. When we think about the places that are most visited in the world each year we can see lots of places. Some places are very important for some people, for example people are visiting these places for their religions or their other beliefs on this point we can see different places that religion tourism is done. On this point today we are going to analyze the city of Jerusalem of Israel and the number of tourist who are visiting the city of Jerusalem each year. If we look at the history of the Jerusalem at first it can be better all of us.



The History of Jerusalem


Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in middle east and it is very popular and important for the people who are believing three different religions, these are Christianity, Islam and Jewishness. From the beginning of the humanity people have been fighting to each other in order to take the city in their dominance and in the different periods of the history different communities take the dominance to their hands. This city is very important for the three religion because for example Christian people are believing that Jesus is crucified in the center of Jerusalem. Because of this the city of Jerusalem is divine for the Christians. On the other hand, Jewish people are believing that Jerusalem is the center of religions of them because in the year of A.C 70 when the city of Jerusalem is collapsed the Jewish people shelter to this city and from that time Jewish people are believing the divinity of the Jerusalem. On the other hand when we think the importance of the city from the point of Moslem people it is the first qibla that the people are heading to pray and there is a saying of the prophet of Mohammad The praying to the Jerusalem is five times more good deed than the Makah” and because of this reason Moslem people are giving too much importance to the city of Jerusalem. When we look to the Jerusalem today, the Jewish people take the dominance of the city of Jerusalem and in the city there are lots of different temples for all of the religions. Each year approximately one and half million visitors are going to the Jerusalem.


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