How Many Countries Are There in Europe?

How Many Countries Are There in Europe?


Today, Europe is one of the most developed continents in the world. They are famous for their industry and education. They even created their own union in order to support each other. They take important decisions together and use the same currency. However, there are some countries which do not want to use the Euro and keep using their national currencies. In this article, we are going to provide you the exact information about how many countries are there on this continent. However, as always we do, we are going to provide you some interesting facts about this continent and the countries in it.


For instance, the construction of Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona began back in 1882 and it is still not completed. It seems like they will be unable to complete it soon too. France is the country which has the most time zone in the world. If we will consider all of the lands that France owns, it covers 12 different time zones. Russia is in the third rank with 9 different zones. Although the United States is not in Europe, we had to mention it since it is the second country with 11 different time zones.


Let’s continue with Russia. This country is located in both Europe and Asia and it is the country which has the most tanks. The amount of the tanks in the army is 21,000. However, most of these are old tanks with old technology. The United States has 16,000 high technology tanks and they have more high technology tanks than Russia. Ukraine is the country which the population is decreasing with the highest speed. Current decrease in the population is around 0,8 percent however it is estimated that this figure will reach around thirty percent between today and 2050.


Malta is the country which most of its citizens live abroad. People in Malta immigrate as a result of the harsh economic crisis and high birth rate. As a result, most of the population continue their lives in abroad countries. Most of them live in Europe however it is possible to find Malta citizens on all continents. Monaco which is located in Europe is smaller than Central Park in New York! The Vatican is smaller than Monaco. But Monaco is the smallest country in Europe which you can have the permanent resident.


Twenty-five percent of the forests in the world is located in Siberia, Russia. This area is even larger than the United States itself. This makes Russia the lungs of the world. These were some of the interesting facts that you may want to hear about Europe. Now let’s talk about the answer to our question. The total amounts of the countries in Europe are 51. However, some of these countries have lands on two continents. For instance, Russia and Turkey are both located in Europe and Asia. In case you have not visited Europe before, this year may be a good time to visit there. They have a great cuisine in which you should taste and they have their own entertainment style.

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