How many Feng Shui tips are there for bedrooms?

Feng Shui is a popular lifestyle which uses rules of Heaven and Earth to take positive power of them called qi. Feng Shui mainly use Kan Yu discipline which means “Tao of heaven and earth.” It’s a popular method to orient buildings in China and Asian countries and Feng Shui came to west first in 70s. Today there are lots of Feng Shui methods like Xingshi Pai, Liiqi Pai and San He Methods. Feng Shui is marketed to Americans after Richard Nixon’s famous China journey. It’s accepted a way to understand east again. Today modern Feng Shui offers different methods for different rooms and people mostly prefer to use Feng Shui in their living room and bedrooms. How many Feng Shui tips are there for bedrooms?

Main aim of Feng Shui in bedrooms is using the sensual energy and balancing it for good usage. When Feng Shui firstly entered USA market, it was some hard to change traditional room plans of Americans but then entrepreneurs combined modern and Feng Shui and today it’s possible to see that Feng Shui based bedrooms are one of the most inviting designs in USA. It’s possible to feel the positive energy and pleasure in these rooms.
Feng Shui offers some changes in bedrooms and first offer is about TV and other electronic devices in the room. According to Feng Shui, television and other electronic devices in the bedroom are the most positive energy destroyers. It’s possible to feel strong positive energy after taking them out.

Fresh air in the bedroom is other important rule of Feng Shui. Fresh air calls positive energy to room. Also Feng Shui offers to take the plants out of bedroom because they use fresh air and avoids positive energy. Plants are only acceptable if bedroom is big enough and they are not avoiding fresh water in the bedroom.
Light is also very important for positive energy in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, light is an important source of positive energy and it’s one of the most important nutrients ever. Feng Shui mostly offers candles but if it’s not possible, a very soft light must be used. Also candles which are using toxins are not allowed.
Colors in the bedroom are an important topic of Feng Shui. Feng Shui art never give the name of color but calls them as soothing colors because every person may find a color soothing or agressive. Also Feng Shui believes that soothing colors in bedroom gives positive and healing energy to sexual life. Original Feng Shui offers colors which are very close to human skin color but today modern decoration and Feng Shui combination allows colors from chocolate brown to white.

Feng Shui recommends choosing pictures on bedroom wisely. An image on the bedroom may change all mood and energy of room so finding images which are giving life energy is important. Lonely or sad images are not acceptable for Feng Shui.
Feng Shui also offers some design tips for bedrooms. These tips mostly come from classic Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, position of bed indicates the positive energy current in the bedroom. Feng Shui avoids shaping bed’s position directly to door. Also bed must be easy to approach from both sides.
Feng Shui offers to close the bedroom doors as possible. It’s important because energy flow stays in room if doors are closed.
Feng Shui is using to create positive energy flow in rooms for thousands of years. Dreaming and Pleasure are the keywords for designing rooms like bedroom with Feng Shui.

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