How Many Cathedrals are there in England?

When we think of the history of humanity, people has always have religions. Before the main religions people are believing different things that are available in the nature. For example on the whole history of humanity they believe sun, rain, fire and there are lots of the things that are from the nature that people believe in. And after some time the main religions started to come to the emergence and then people start to change their religions by looking this new religions. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


When we look at the our modern world, basically there are three religions and people almost all over the world are believing these religions. In spite of the fact that there are hundreds of beliefs in the whole world it can be easily said that the most populated religions in the world these three religions. They are Christianity, Jewishness and Islam. When we look at the whole world it can be said that the most populated religion in the whole world is Christianity. Wherever you go in the whole world, you can see the people who are Christians and as we know these three religions have different places to believe. For example, Christian people are going to Church in order to live their beliefs and Jewish people are going to the Monasteries and Moslems are going to the Mosques to believe. When we look at the religion of Christianity, we can see that there are millions of churches and Cathedrals in the whole world. Now let’s look at the Cathedrals in the England.



The Number of Cathedrals that are placed in England

When we look at the whole of England, we can see lots of Cathedrals and some of them are great but on the other hand some of them are much more smaller than those bigger ones. When we look at the number of Cathedrals in England, we see that there are about 99 Cathedrals in the whole England and Wales. Lots of these Cathedrals are historical and they are very important for the people who are believing in Christianity and who are going to these places in order to make their believes. When people are going to these Cathedrals they are feeling good from the point of their believes and from the point of the holy side of the these type of the Churches. And lots of people see this kind of Cathedrals as a holy and they are giving importance to them too much. Lots of these Cathedrals are protected by the municipality because of the fact that their being important and their being historical. Some of them are protected by the UNESCO because of their being historical and holy. The most important of them are Cathedral Church of St Philip, CathedralChurch of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Cathedral Church of St James, Cathedral and Metro political Church of Christ, Cathedral Church of St Mary, St Peter and St Cedd and we can count lots of them. Most probably in the future these architectural structures will be constructed because of the Christian community.

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