How many new discoveries will Higgs Boson help to make for the world?

It was one of the most important announcements of history that CERN scientists made on 2012 about Higgs Boson. Peter Higgs and his team are working to find this particle for forty years. They made lots of models like Standard Model to understand world and universe’s creation. Main research area on Higgs work is elementary particles and their mass. With European Union’s high support, Large Hadron Collider which built from 1998 to 2008 worked to find the Boson. Collider made lots of important discoveries for the most important laws of nature. At last, they made an announcement that discovery of the Higgs Boson which is also known as God’s Particle is available. There are lots of controversies about it but main thing interesting people is what Higgs Boson will add to our daily life?


First of all, we must know that when electrons are discovered in 1869, there was a discussion what an electron is and where we will use it. Some scientists believe that electrons will be available to use in daily life after at least 200 years. But only after 20 years of discovery, first news about electricity and its spreading ways started to be heard. All scientists agree that Higgs Boson is not an item but a way for biggest discoveries about universe and mechanism.
What scientists and people wait from Higgs Boson is first of all Teleportation. Teleportation is dream of people and it’s really a need nowadays because world is smallest ever with internet and planes, so time using for transportation is very high and problematic for all. Higgs Boson is not a main item that will open the way for teleportation but it will help to understand about mass, item and travel in time and space.

Another important help that Higgs Boson will make for us will be about universe and its working way. On the far future, maybe it will help us to create new worlds like our world with nature and atmosphere.
Another important help that science is waiting from Higgs Boson is about energy. For Stephen Hawking, Higgs Boson is only possible for one-trillionth of a second but it’s so powerful that making possible to create the energy for detecting the particle. In the close or far future, Higgs Boson may help us to create an unbelievable energy source.

Higgs Boson may help science to find lots of things we daily use. For example relativity theory of Einstein was the fire starter for discovering GPS satellites and system that we are using today. Also John O’Sullivan made lots of researches about black holes in the space and black holes system of spreading radiation and radio waves helped to find Wi-Fi system.
There are also some imaginative but maybe true in far future reports about Higgs Boson. They are only imaginative now but researches with the help of Higgs Boson and its mass evolvement may help us to go in speed of light and we may reach Mars on twenty minutes.

Also there are some future tellers that say Higgs Boson is the real end of world because world and universe are working in a harmony and system. A wrong attempt or discovery may change all the dynamics and system of universe.
There are also lots of scientists that criticize the announcement and discovery. Their main theory is Higgs Boson is not found new. It was a known part of Standard Model but some sponsor want to hear this announcement because there were news that Large Hadron Collider will be closed because of Economic crisis in Europe.

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