How Many Scream Movies Are There ?

With the rapid development of the technology in almost all field there are lots of new innovations and conveniences. Especially in last fifty years there is a widespread development in the world almost in all fields. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the film industry and the development of it and we look at the series of the films of “The Scream” Thanks to the developments and the innovations in the industry of the films in last years especially in last twenty years there are lots of films are taken and it can be easily said that they are all quality films. With the help of the effects of the different techniques films are no longer effective and when people are watching them they are feeling the reality inside the film and they are getting much more fun. On this point now we are going to short look to the movies of the “The Scream”scream-416829

The Movie of “The Scream”


When we look at the film of “The Scream” we can see that at first the first film of the series is taken at the year of 1996 in the country of The United States of America by the director whose name is Wes Craven. The name of the company of the distribution of the film is Dimension Films. When we look at the subject of the film we can see that it is a horror film and when it is first captured millions of people watch it and like it too much and after some time the producers of the film decide to capture the other series of it and they continue to capture the other films. The first film is started to show in the 20 December 1996 and millions of people watch it and when we look at the money that the producers and the actors we can see that in the field of international the film is get approximately  $173.046.663 and it can be easily said that this is a record for that film.


When It is thought in accordance with the experts and researches the film takes 81 percent positive comments from the internet sites that are related to the cinema films and already because of this the producers decide to capture the other series of the film. When we look at the number of the films of the scream, we can say that in the year of 2013 there are 5 scream films and most probably in the future the company of producing of the film will capture the new series of the film because of the fact that there are millions of the fans of the series of that film from the different regions of the world and most probably again they want to watch the new versions of the film. With the money that they get from the old versions of the film the producer company and the actors will capture a new film maybe in next two years we can see the new film of the scream.


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