How many types of Identity Theft are there?

Against all measurements, it’s not possible to prohibit identity theft. Every day it varies to different types. In 2000s, main identity theft way was credit card and bank account identity theft but today it’s possible to see lots of different theft types. After big financial identity theft wave in 2000s, people started to save their money in mattress again. Today identity theft is wider than robbery and housebreaking especially in America. It’s also possible to say that it’s possible to take measures for housebreaking or similar but it’s very hard for identity theft. How many types of Identity Theft are there?

Financial identity theft is today the most popular theft type in the world. It’s not only personal identity theft there are also data breaches. Some data breaches like T.J. Maxx with stolen 40 million credit card information and Heartland Payment Systems with stolen 130 million credit card information are the most popular ones. It’s very hard to prevent financial identity theft today because companies resist keeping credit card information in their data centers still.
If you faced identity theft, first thing you must know is “The Electronic Funds Transfer Act”. It’s very important to report the problem or error when you faced identity theft or other account failure. According to EFTA law, when you reported problem in 2 days, your loss should be limited to $50. When you reported problem in 30 days, your loss should be limited to $500 and when you reported failure after 60 days, you may lose all money. You need to give account number and name, place of error, worth of error and date of it to bank. Bank will make an investigation and send you an answer.

Insurance identity theft is a new type of identity thefts. There are lots of ways that thief will use your insurance identity. The World Health Organization separates Medical identity theft from insurance identity theft and labels it as the most dangerous identity theft ever. Main way is using the Medical identity for buying some drugs. It’s a general problem nowadays that when a person tried to enter a new job, job owners decline it because of drugs he use but he never used these drugs. Also they can finish your quote right of some important medicines and when you need them you can’t buy.
Criminal Identity Theft is as dangerous as Medical identity theft. Main problem in criminal identity theft is that when you ask the police about possible theft, he may arrest you and “It wasn’t me” worth nothing because police heard it every day in every situation.

Driver’s license identity theft is one of the most common identity thefts. Driver license mostly goes when a wallet is stolen. There are lots of illegal organizations that sell driver license of others.
Social security identity theft is also a common identity theft way. Danger of social security theft is that there are millions of buyers for this identity numbers like illegal immigrants, paroled criminals and more. A social security identity with a clear social security history may be worth to millions for some people.
Federal agency reported “Synthetic identity theft” as the latest type of identity thefts. It’s mainly a combination of personal information on an identity. There are lots of illegal usage ways of these identities and when it’s used many people affects from problem.
Child identity theft is the theft attempt over children. Today it’s one of the biggest targets for thieves to steal child identities. Main danger on child identity theft is that nearly all thefts occur from friends or family members so it’s not possible to charge them. So child identity theft numbers grow every year.

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