How Many Black People Are there in the world?

The Humanity in History

When we look at the people among the whole world we see that there are lots of different people from the point of their physical appearance. Some of them are white some of them are blacks some people’s eyes are small some people’s big some of them are blonde and some of them are great people.




There are lots of differences and we can say that these differences are a wealth for world. According to the last researches, in our modern world there are 6.805.000.000 people in the world and we know that these people’s all of them is different from each other. The creation of the human body is so perfect than even the twin siblings are not the same with each other. In this point we see the perfection of the world and the perfection of the creation of the human being. For all human being these differences must be seen as a normal but some people see other people’s difference in a negative way and as a result of this there are lots of conflicts or even wars in the different regions of the world but if people see other people’s differences as a wealth people don’t fight with each other and our earth will be more peaceful place in order to live and the children don’t die because of the older people’s illogical war reasons. The reason of the physical difference of the people is the region where they live and from the climate they are living in. For example; the people who are living in a cold climate have small eyes especially in Far East people have small eyes. When we think about the tropical regions we see that the people who are living in these regions are black people.Dorothea Lange - Negroes under the National Youth Administration. Live Oak, Florida, 1936


The Black People in the World.

When we look at the whole world like white people there are lots of black people and in history unfortunately there is a division and racism to these black people. But in last years there are lots of campaigns in order to prevent racism. When we look at the number of people who are black in the world, we see that according to the last researches there are 6.5 million black people in the world. These black people are living in the different regions of the world. If it is necessary to give a statistic about it we can show these results: Asia (3970),Africa (925 million),Europe,(730)Latin/SouthAmerica/Carribean (560)North America,(330)Oceania (35) when we look at these regions in detail we can see that in tropical regions these people are available to much extend. Again when we look at the largest 10 countries of the world we can give this statistics: China (1300 million)
India (1120)
USA (300)
Indonesia (225)
Brazil (190)
Pakistan (165)
Bangladesh (150)
Russia (140)
Nigeria (135)
Japan (130)

And in these 10 countries there are lots of black people and with the consciousness of people to other people racism has been decreasing in last years and in future all of the people will live in peace.

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