How Many Sony Playstations Are Sold up to now?

Do you play the different video games? What are your thoughts about the rapid development and the popularity of the video games especially last twenty years? What do you think about the future of the video games? What will we see in the near future about the new video game systems? As all we know, with the rapid development of the technology, there are lots of the innovations in the field of the video games and from the history to the present, there are lots of the different video game consoles that are developed and it seems that in the future they will be developed too much extent and lots of the new innovations will be shown as a result of this situation. When we look at the different consoles that are available on the market now, we can see that Sony Playstation is one of the most popular video game consoles in the market.


There are four different generations of Sony Playstation and in the future the engineers of this field will make the positive addictions to the development of the video game console. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the history of Sony Playstation and we will give some specific information about the Sony Playstation 4 and its statistics about the selling on the market. Let’s look at the development of the Sony Playstation.


The Development and the history of Sony Playstation

When we look at the history, we can see that the first Sony Playstation is produced in the country of Japan in the year of 1994. After it is first introduced to the world, lots of people are in curiosity of the console and in short time it becomes very popular all around the whole world. Today all around the whole world, there are lots of the different versions of Sony Playstations some of them are potable and on the other hand some of them can be played at homes. In the different regions of the world, there are lots of the different people who are addicted to playing the Sony Playstation. When the first version of the Sony Playstation is emerged in the Japan, after 9 years, totally it is sold up to 100 million. When we look at the last generation of the Sony Playstation we can see that Sony Playstation 4 is emerged to the world market in the year of 2013 and up to now up to 7 million all around the whole world. It seems that the number of the Sony Playstation4 that will be sold will be too much because of the high popularity of the console all around the whole world. Correspondingly to this situation, there are lots of the new video games are being emerged all around the whole world that make the people addictive to these kinds of the activities. Too much playing those video games can harm to the people, because of this people have to be very careful when they are playing.


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