How Many Currencies Are There in the World Today?



When the First Money Was Used?

When it is thought from general way, people have always needs. In past people had needs in order to keep their lives continue, when it is thought present time they have needs and in future people will have needs. So what are those needs? The needs that people have first of all is for keeping their lives continue and on the other hand people want to live in better conditions because of this they are having more needs day by day. In fact, how do people provide these needs?

In order to provide their needs, people have to work and earn money. In this point we see an important point and this is money. Maybe in modern world, when it is thought from the point of history we can see the importance of money. In history people have wars, discoveries and exploitations to other people these are all for money. We are using money almost every day but do we think about its history or who did invented the money or on the other hand how did people support their needs before the invention of money? In this point here we are going to look at the history of money.  Before the invention of the money, people used lots of precious things in order to make selling or buying things or they were using the technique of exchange. For example; when people need a thing they were exchanging it to what they need with other precious thing. When we look at the those precious materials, we can say that people used shells, precious metals or other precious materials for exchanging. According to the researches, first money was used by Chinese community about B.C 118 and it was a skin of an animal, when it is thought the first banknote again we see the Chinese community. The first banknote was used in the year of A.D 806. In west the publication and using of the banknotes are based on Century with the development of the pressing machine. In west first banknote was used in United States of America in the year of 1960. It was the Massachusetts government who published this banknote. As more important, when we look at the invention of the coin we see the community of Lydian. Lydian community was very wealthy family who lived in the region of Anatolia where now Turkey is. The coin’s roots are based upon the year of B.C 7, and after that times banknotes and coins have been using in almost the entire world.

The Number of Currencies that are Used in the World Today.

When we look at the recent researches that are done we can say that there are 168 currencies in the world today. This research are done by Universal Currency Converter. Butin general, when we look at the most used currencies in the world we see that they are US Dollar and Euro. It can be said that you can use Dollar or Euro almost everywhere you go.

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