How many years a Doberman lives?

Doberman Pinscher is a popular dog breed also known as Doberman and Dobermann in some countries. Breed is developed firstly in 1890. Their alert and intelligent style made them a popular police dog and watchdog breed in 1900s. Today Dobermann breed is not using so widely as guard dog or police dog. Breed is suitable for family life but owners must control their training type and dog’s behavior, character development. Dobermann became one of the most controlled breeding dog types in last century. This selective breeding created an active dog with long life span. How many years a Doberman lives?

Doberman breed’s lifespan was 6-7 in 1950s. Today selective breeding extend lifespan of breed to 10-11 years. Some genetic diseases lower the life quality and life span of Doberman breed. Prostatic diseases are the biggest problem for Doberman. Also dilated cardiomyopathy is the main reason for Doberman deaths.
Doberman breed’s standard appearance is short coat and strong build. Their athletic appearance is coming from bone scheme. Male of Doberman is possible to use a police dog but females are thinner and hard to use for this aim.
Obesity is not a common problem for breed. Ideal weight of breed is 34 to 45 kg. Female is weaker than male and they are averagely 35 kg. Fewer than 30 and over 45 kg Doberman’s lose their athletic ability.

Color gene of breed varies from black to color dilution so it creates four main colors as blue, black, red and fawn. But black is the dominant color for Doberman breed. Blue and Fawn Dobermans are very hard to find. Some Doberman types face skin problems because of color dilution and this illness is called “Color Dilution Alopecia”. Also white Dobermans are possible in special breeding.
Tail of breed is long but lots of Dobermans can’t control their tails after growth so tail of breed is removing to stay short. This shortage process is calling as Docking. Process is legal in Japan and United States. But it’s not legal in Europe.
Doberman breed is locating in the working dogs category always. They are very aggressive but it’s not common to attack its owner. People growth Doberman breed as personal protection dog so they are always active and fearless. Breed is intelligent and quick to answer commands. Today aggression level of all registered Doberman breeds is countable and adjustable. It’s also possible to see that while Doberman breed’s aggression level is adjusting, dog’s natural extreme loyal character has damaged.

In their short history, Doberman breed is also used as war dog. The United States Marine Corps bought some Doberman breed and take them to war areas. It’s still possible to see some usage of Doberman in war areas.
It’s still a research topic which dog breeds were used to create Doberman breed. Main possible dog breeds are German Pinscher, the Greyhound, the Manchester terrier and the Great Dane. Some latest researches showed that at least 4 breeds are used for this new breed.
Today Doberman breed lost the attention that it has seen on 1950s. Main reasons of this situation are new dog breeds with longer life spans, strength to diseases and some temperament balance problems. Today United States is the main place Doberman breed is living. Also Europe is possible. Breeds of United States are calm but European breeds are attacking.
It’s very common to see them in movies. Latest movie people see a Doberman was “Hugo” in 2011. Also John Travolta’s Eyes Of An Angel, Resident Evil’s undead Dobermans and Alpha from “Up” are another popular Dobermans.

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