How Many Whatsapp Messages Are Send per day?

What is your idea about the rapid development of the technology especially in last ten years? Do you use the technology in your daily life? What is the most important significance of the technology for you? As all we know, with the rapid development of the field of the internet especially in last twenty years there are lots of new innovations that are available in our daily lives. On the other hand, with the improvements of the smart phones especially in last seven years there are lots of new things in people’s lives that make their lives too developed and easy. At that point in the world market, there are lots of the new software that people are using every day and some of the those software are with money but on the other hand there are lots of the software that people can use without paying money.


At that point, one of the most popular software that people use in their daily lives is the application of Whatsapp. People are using this software in order to send free sms to each other. If the user has the internet on his or her mobile phone, he or she can use it without paying extra money and can send sms to the other people in the whole world. At that point, it can be easily said that this software is very usable for the people because when we compared the situation with ten years ago, sending sms by using the mobile phones are very expensive even in the same country and on the other hand we don’t want to imagine sending the sms to another country. People are paying too much money when sending sms to their friends in those years but as we said before with that software, it is possible to use the possibilities of the technology such an easy way. Now let’s look at the history and the number of the messages sends by the application of the Whatsapp each day by the people.


The Number of the Messages are Send by Whatsapp Each Day

When we look at the current figures that are done by the some different research companies, each day people are sending approximately 27 billion messages all around the whole world by using the application of the Whatsapp and it seems that with the rapid the widespread of the using of the internet and the smart phones, this figure will be increased in a few years. The application of the Whatsapp is sold to the company of Facebook and it seems that with the popularity of the Facebook the application will be much more popular than now because all around the whole world the selling of the Whatsapp is seen as very important event in the field of the technology because millions of the people are using this application. In the future, there are some news about the new features will be added to the application of the Whatsapp.


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