How Many Endangered Species are there in The World?

Do you pay attention to the earth that you live? Do you think that the animals like the people are important in the world? Do you have any information about the endangered species in the world today? When we think about the realities that are available in the current world, we can see that there are lots of different reasons of the earth’s being a place that is going to the end day by day.


There are lots of different things that affect the earth in a negative way and especially they are because of the effects that are emerged by the people. When we look at the effects of this problem, first of all we can see the negative ways of the industries in the world. In order to get much more money, the industries are worked by the people and as a result of this situation the industries is giving harm to the earth that we live. At this point, the harmful emissions that are caused by the industries are giving harm not only to the people but also to the animate things that are living in the world and these animate things are the animals and the plants. When we think about the importance of them in our earth, we can say that they are also significant at least people. On account of the fact that, if there is a situation that is unbalanced in the world, almost all of the things in the world can be turn into a catastrophe.

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At this point, people have to be very careful about the environment that they live, in spite of the fact that there are lots of precautions about this subject; there are still lots of effects of the industries to the world. Each day, lots of different types of the animals are being extinct and people have to stop this extinction on the other hand we can see the negative effects of them. In the past, there are lots of different types of the animals that are extinct and the reason of their being extinct is because on not only by the people but also by the nature itself. We can’t do anything about the nature, but on the other hand it is possible to make something about the people. At this point people have to get necessary information and they have to apply that information in their lives. When we look at the number of the different types of the planets that are extinct, we can see that in accordance with the researches that are done by the experts there are 17.315 species that are endangered species in the world today. In the future the number of them will be decreased if the necessary precautions are not taken and when we say that the endangered species we think not only about the plants but on the other hand we can think about the animals.


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