How Many Types of Malaria Are There ?

From the beginning of the humanity there are lots of illnesses that people have to fight and people have been fighting to these illnesses and they are trying to find lots of medicines and solutions in order to get rid of these illnesses. Lots of these illnesses come from the animals to the humans and today we are going to make a short analysis about an illness that comes from the animals to the people and its name is malaria. 


Malaria is an illness that comes from the female mosquitoes to the people and it is an illness that make people too much inflammatory. When we look at the roots of the word of “Malaria” it is based on an Italian world and it means bad weather and when a person gets this illness he or she starts to pulsate and he or she feels very cold and because of this most probably the meaning of the name of the illness is bad weather. When we look at the roots of the illness we can see that it is available from the old people and its diagnosis is very easy and people can protect themselves easily to the illness. In our modern day there are lots of vaccines that people are taking in  order to prevent the viruses of the malaria. Now we are going to make an analysis about the history of the illness.


The History of Malaria


When we look at the history of the Malaria we can go to the ancient Egypt, it is based on those times. Between the years of 460 and 370 B.C there is a doctor whose name is Hypocrites and first time he finds that illness, the illness is widespread in the places that is especially that is swamp because of the fact that lots of mosquitoes’’ living on those places. And from that time to our modern era the Malaria is available on people’s lives and in the history we can see lots of people who are dying because of the Malaria for example in the years of first world war there are 5 million people who have malaria and those 5 million people’s 60.000 people die because of it. And we can see lots of different examples in the history like this. When we look at the types of the malaria we can see that there are 4 different types of malaria that can be infect to the people and these are:

Plasmodium vivax, abbreviated as P.v.

Plasmodium malariae, abbreviated as P.m.

Plasmodium ovale, abbreviated as P.o. and

Plasmodium falciparum, abbreviated as P.f.


Most probably like in the past, in the future there will be people who are sick because of the malaria and again most probably with the rapid development of the technology and medicine this illness will be become extinct and people will live without getting the virus of the malaria. In order to protect from the malaria people have to escape from the mosquitoes.

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