How many girls did Wilt Chamberlain sleep with?

Wilt Chamberlain is one of the most important NBA players of all time. He was very skilled but also very weak. He scored 100 points against New York Knicks and this is the record of NBA. She was also famous for its women. She was a bachelor for all life and he said he was with over thousands of women in his life. How many girls did Wilt Chamberlain sleep with?

Wilt Chamberlain was the first million earner basketball player in NBA. He built a million-dollar mansion called “Ursa Major” after went to Lakers. Robert Allen Cherry wrote a biography about his life and described this house as a Playboy Mansion.

His friends of teenage eras called him shy and hard to talk women. But after Lakers he became famous for his women. He wrote his second biography on 1991. Its name was “A View from Above”. He claimed that he slept with over 20.000 women in his life. There were lots of critics after this claim and he only answered critics as “I made the normal”. Some psychologists said that his refusal on teenager made him a womanizer.

There are also other men famous for sleeping with over 1000 women on his life. Some of them are Venetian hotel porter Umberto Billo with 8.000 women, Actor Charlie Sheen with 5.000 women, Singer Julio Iglesias with 3.000 women and Jack Nicholson with 2.000 women. None of them refused the claims but they are not also approved.

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