How Many Muscles Are There in the Human Body?

People ask friends or yourself about human body questions. There are over 600 muscles in the human body.

Muscles contraction and muscles loosen are important to daily life. Although the body movement has the bones and joints to be movable but the actual movement based work on the muscles.

We can divide the muscles into 3 types are Skeletal muscle or striated muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle.

Muscles Skeletal muscle is controlled under power soul or reflex. The smooth muscle and heart muscle working outside power soul. Properties of muscles are 4 things are contractility, excitability, extensibility and elasticity so muscles can movement, posture and heat production.

In the human body there are  over 600 skeletal to a bone and connection a join to enable movement.

The face muscles control a wide range of movements and are especially complex around the mouth and eyes.

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