How many kinds of violence against women are there?

Violence against women is the one of the biggest social problems in the world. Today violence is in everywhere; women and children are facing the biggest problem. Some women are joining to organizations against violence but number of women attending to these organizations is still a few compared to women facing violence. Many people think that violence against women is the problem of undeveloped or developing countries but it’s also a big problem of developed countries. Also violence against women is not specific to any race, society or surname. How many kinds of violence against women are there?

According to researches, “Dating violence” is the main violence type against women. It occurs when a man or woman hurts or scares other women in dating. It’s possible to see “dating violence” in all societies, races, age period and similar. It also occurs both in heterosexual and same-sex dating. There are many subtypes of violence against women in dating violence as emotional, physical and sexual. According to researches, a big part of women on earth are facing the dating violence at least once in her life.
Teen dating violence is the dating violence against teens. Many teen thinks that only hitting is violence but texting constantly, insisting on a situation that teen doesn’t want, pressuring to make sexual things , threating to make something and blaming to abuse are teen dating violence types.
Domestic and intimate partner violence is also known as intimate partner violence. It mostly caused by husband, boyfriend, ex-friend or ex-husband. According to latest researches, over 5 million women in USA are facing intimate partner violence but very few of them are calling 911 or want help. Many women wait till physical hurt from men. There are many organizations to apply in these situations like National Domestic Violence Hotline. Intimate partner violence is seen on all races, societies, wealth groups and educational groups.

Many people think that same-sex relationship is a good way of saving from violence against women but it’s not. Researches showed that same-sex relationships have also same violence problems. Most of the women don’t want help against same-sex violence because they are hiding it from society and they are afraid of alienating as “lesbian” But women facing same-sex relationship violence can also apply to domestic violence shelter. Also they can call “National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs”. There are many anti violence programs against insisting violence.
Violence against women at work was mostly sexual in 70s but today it’s also possible to see many women are harmed in offices or workplaces. It’s true that many people have none or little social life so there’s only office or workplace that they can speak to women and they mostly get in love to office worker women easily. Most of the women don’t want to talk about violence because they afraid of losing their job. There are many organizations saving women against violence on work and women have rights when they are fired because of insisting against violence. Also violence against women can be only making them uncomfortable at work and it’s also a type of violence.
It’s misery but “violence against women with disabilities” is also a big problem in the world. There are many types of violence against women with disabilities like sexual assault or emotional violence. Besides family members and partners, it’s very common to see that caregivers are showing violence against these women. They are mostly refusing to make their daily routines and they are also showing physical and emotional violence. According to researches, it’s very common all over the world.

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