How Many Trillion Dollars Turkey Has for its GDP in the year of 2013?

As all we know, the international trade of the countries is very important and at that point in order to increase their figures the countries are doing lots of the works. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the international trade of the country of Turkey and we will give some specific information about the Turkey’s economy. What affects a country’s economy’s development? What can be done in order to develop a country’s trade?  How can authorized people direct their country’s career in the field of the economy? In according to the researches that are done in the last hundred years, in the different countries of the world, the growing of the economies of the countries is depended not only on to their domestic trade but their international trade. International trade has very significant role as well. If a country wants to develop the economy of itself, the country’s incomes in the field of the international trade have to be improved too much extend. When it is thought about the developing countries, it is very easy to see the effects of the international trade. At this point, among the developing countries especially in last fifty years, Turkey is one of the most rapidly-developing countries. In the recent years, it is possible to see the concrete progresses of Turkey in the international trade field.



In the recent years, the economy of the Turkey has been developing too much extend and one of the most reasons of that situation is the Turkey’s foreign trade. When we look at the geographical and the geopolitics position of Turkey, we can say that the country has very important position among the other countries that are developing recently. The Turkey is a bridge between the continents of the Europe and Asia and because of this reason; there are lots of the possibilities for Turkey in order to develop its international trade. In addition to, there are the memberships and other connections of the country of Turkey with the important unions in the world.


Especially, in last fifty years the importance of the exports play very significant role in the development of the Turkey’s economy.

When we look at the rate of Turkey for GDP we can see that in the year of 2013 this rate is $1.426 trillion and it seems that in the future this number will be increased.

It is possible to see that there are lots of other reasons of the developing of the Turkey in the international trade field. Before the starting of the development of the economy of Turkey on the parallel in the international trade, there have lots of the preventions that hinder the development and the interaction to the other countries but after the removing of the those preventions the increasing possibility of the Turkey’s economy among the foreign trade increase too much extend.


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