How Many Users of the software of ICQ per month globally?

What do you know about the history of the chat software in the computer world? What are your ideas about the future situation of the chat software that will be in the next years? As all we know today millions of the people are using the chat programs in order to send their messages to the other people or their friends. Not only in the field of the work but also in the field of the talking with the friends or the family members are millions of the people using those kinds of the software? Today when we look at the most popular software in that field, we can see that Skype, whatsap, Viber and Icq are the most popular of them and it seems that because of the rapid development in the industry of the software there will be lots of the new software in that field. Those software are making people’s lives much more easy because people can send sms or messages to their relatives or friends whenever they want and when we look at the most important easiness of those software we can see that they are all free and this helps people too much extent. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the message software of ICQ and we will give some specific information about the development and the statistics about that software. When we look at the history of those kinds of the software we can see that the first popular software is the ICQ and in the year’s of the 1990’s people are using it too much extent and today again the software is started to be used because lots of the people like it too much. It can be possible to say that the ICQ is a legend on behalf of the message software. Now we will make an analysis about the software of ICQ.


A Short analysis about the software of ICQ

When we look at the history of the software of ICQ we can see that at first in the years of 1995 and 1996 a group of people who are from Israel set up the software for the first time and from that time to now the software has been used by millions of the people. 


. In the years of the 2000’s the software decreased too much and now the popularity of the software gets its old popularity because of the new additions that are features of them and as all we know with the development of the smart phones it is possible to set up a software and that company develops its old software rather than setting up a new software and they use its name as a benefit for themselves. Today when we look at the statistics that are done by the experts of the technology, we can see that there are 27 million users of ICQ all around the whole world per a month.


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